Snake Fungal Disease

Gabby Johnson, Core 3, 12-10

Snake Fungal Diease is short for 'Ophidiomyces'. This disease has been around since the 1990's. All snakes can be effected by this disease but most are on the western side of the country so they don't have as big of a chance to catch the disease.

This effects many snakes in the eastern parts of the United States. Over the years the Diease has increased in size and still increasing now. As you can see on the chart, many of the states have no occurrence of the snakes been effected by this disease because the snakes have died off or moved to the eastern parts of the United states for the swaps

This is the Timber Rattlesnake.

One of the most common snakes effected by the SFD. These snakes are already endangered in 6 states not counting some with the disease. The poison the snakes give are used for the study of healing heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure. If they die off then we will lose some of the studies used to find cures for other diseases.

Veterinarians, Pathologist, and Scientist are still looking into a cure for this disease. Scientist do not know how this disease was started but it is moving faster then most can learn how to cure it.

The SFD is what eats away the skin of snakes. Many cause swelling, crusty scabs, or open wounds on the skin. Most first appear on the head of snakes first. While others create bumps, or holes on the skin of the snake.

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