Fire 'n' Ice

The One And Only Drinks Stall In SPW

Hello, i'm Mahtab and this is my little business idea.

Business: We (Me & Musaddiqur) are going to get stock drinks, e.g. 50 cans of lucozade for £5 and sell them for 40p each which will gain us profit.

S.O.S: If people think it is maybe a bit too expensive and we don't get much sales our back up plan is to reduce the price to a maximum of 30p, which seems as a very good value price for a can of lucozade.

Profit: If 40p per can-


20-5(stock lucozade's price)=£15 in profit

If 30p per can-


20-5(stock lucozade's price0=£10 in profit

Environment & Selling Conditions: The Sale will be outside in the playground on normal days (preferably sunny days) and on rainy days it will be inside.

It will be open break and lunch Monday-Thurday. Friday it will only be open at break because as muslims we have to pray Jummah.

We will sell on top of a table or bench with our trademark name and logo.

We also might hand out a survey to students (and maybe teachers) before we buy our drinks to find out which drinks they would most preferably like to drink or be attracted to buy as it is their favourite.

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