The Canadian Shield

The Mining Destination

The Canadian Shield is the best place in Canada for mining gold, nickel, silver and copper. With precious minerals surrounding the land, a successful mining industry can be built.


The Canadian shield has very long cold winters and long hot summers, but with the shield being so big the temperatures vary with different destinations.

Southern Shield

During the winter it's very snowy, and it rains and snows a lot throughout the year. In Ontario the average temperature during the winter is about -18*C, with approximately 8.5 hours of daylight. During the summer it's about 25*C and about 15 hours of sun throughout the day.

Northern Shield

The Northern Shield gets very little rain and snow yearly and during the winter it gets approximately 5 hours of daylight, but during the summer it gets 24 hours of daylight

Landscape of The Sheild

In the Canadian shield the land's history shapes the landscape of it today, the shield has many hills due to the mountains that were there a long time ago, there are deep rivers scattered everywhere in the shield and also many forests. With the Shield being a large rock, there are many precious minerals that are found in the rocks such as gold, nickel, silver and more.

Soil and Vegetation

The Shield has many forests throughout the land. The major forest that surrounds the land is the Taiga forest. Near water the soil in the Shield holds a lot of moisture which is great for trees but the rest of the shield is tundra. The southern part of the Shield has many trees because of the moisture of the soil but the northern part has less trees due to the land being tundra.

Geology of The Shield

In the Shield there are mainly two types of rocks; Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rocks. With the shield being the oldest part of the North American crust it has fossils, bacteria and algae that have been there for over 2 billion years. The Shield's geology history has a significant effect on the way the land looks, with eskers, deposits of glacial till and more.


The Canadian Shield has a vast amount of space which has so many activities to do. With Quebec having a lot of snow yearly, it is a great place to go to go skiing, snowboarding, skating and many more winter activities. But snow isn't all the Canadian Shield has, Northern ontario is a great place to go canoeing, fishing, sailing and swimming because of all the lakes a rivers that are scattered around the land.

Climate Change

The Shield hasn't faced a lot of different climates but it has gotten warmer due to greenhouse gasses. There still is a lot of snow that occurs yearly but summers have gotten hotter and winters aren't as cold as they used to be. Climate change doesn't have a big impact for the Shield therefore the mining industry wouldn't be hurt by anything that may go on.

Natural Disasters

With the Shield not many natural disasters hit, but there could be mini-earthquakes. There are also floods that can happen due to the amount of lakes around the shield, but with the shield there isn't much worry. Therefore with knowing that there are unlikely chances of the natural disasters the mining industry shouldn't have many issues that can happen naturally.

In Conclusion..

With The Canadian Shield being a huge rock with tress and rivers this region is perfect for building a well sucessful mining industry. Not only does it have precious minerals, it's not know to have many risks of natural disasters or major climate changes that can disrupt the industry.

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