Branding and Differentiation

A great example of some top brands

Branding is not one single term, it is a mix of many things.

High quality products.

Good, respectful customer support

Low prices.

Loyalty from customers.

Great advertising

Reliable company/business.

What is differentiation?

Differentiation is how you make your product unique, so it stands out from the crowd.

Benefits that they can bring you?

Makes your business different from everyone else, you appeal to a different audience.

Difficulties they may bring?

A lack of possible ideas, Customers may not be familiar. Customers may leave you and go elsewhere.

Is Branding more important than the Product/Service quality, Price or Promotion?

This is a bit of a trick question, as all of these elements are key to a successful business. No single element is more important.

Some great examples of Branding

Some examples of branding that weren't quite as successful... Whoops!

If you are still a little bit unclear and the notes just aren't enough, maybe this will help a little.

A helpful Youtube clip on Branding.