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Lip Enhancement using Dermal Fillers

Lips are the second most noticed feature of your face. A set of attractive lips is one of the greatest assets for a person. Because of this, people throughout history have tried to find ways of improving the appearance and shape of their lips.
Throughout ages, the standard of the fullness and size of the lips has varied but the quest for perf ect lips continues to this day.

Why women want lip enhancement?

The most important reason of the popularity of full lips is the simple fact that they look attractive. A simple face is transformed into a pretty one because of full lips. It is a proven fact that men often spend more time looking at fuller lips and prefer women with a sensuous set of lips.
Another reason of the popularity of full lips is their status as indicators of youth. Lips are considered to be an indicator of good health that is associated with youth. The fullness is often due to the increased levels of fat and collagen that is a by-product of great health.

As people start to age, the body starts to loose fat and collagen deposits. Some people experience movement of fat deposits that cause odd wrinkles and uneven facial features. Lips are often the worst affected areas when this happen. They start to lose their plumpness and start to sag.
The demand for full lips has resulted in several innovations such as use of silicone, bovine fat and rub-on lip plumper. However, all these methods and materials have their own set of problems.

Dermal Fillers for
Lip Enhancement
Dermal fillers have long been used for reshaping various facial features. The idea is to inject a substance just underneath the skin so that the skin could regain its shape and firmness. This padding or filler is a crucial substance and much research has been invested in finding the perfect product.
Here is a list of products that have been used as dermal filler for lip enhancement;

Fat as Dermal Filler:
Fat is considered to be safe dermal filler because of two reasons. One, it is harvested from the patients’ own bodies. Hence, there is no chance of an allergic reaction or rejection by the body.

Collagen as Dermal Filler:
Collagen is a naturally occurring material in our body. It is present in fat deposits of the skin and is usually the reas on of the firmness of the lips. Collagen is usually extracted from bovine sources. Because of this, there is often a small chance of allergic reaction. However, the doctors administering the procedure often check for the reaction at the start of the procedure.

Hyaluronic Acid as Dermal Filler:
Hyaluronic Acid is another natural substance that is present in our bodies. It has been synthesised successfully and is available in several popular brands. Hyaluronic Acid is popular dermal filler because it resembles the natural makeup of our body and its presence does not irritate or cause a reaction.

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