they were driving and they hit the ducks and so the next morning they

giving tree

There once was a boy that when he was younger he used to always go play on the trees limbs and swing and swing until he was tired. So when he got older he needed some were to relax so he went to the tree and then he needed money so the tree said take all my apples and sell them to make money. and a few days later he needed some fire wood so they took there arms and legs. then a few days later he needed a boat so he cut down the trunk.


they were driving when they about hit some geese and so they watched them and there was hundreds of geese in the bottoms so uncle and grand kid said we will get up early and get them some Canada geese so they got up early and it was kind of a gloomy but clear morning. So they went to go and kill them some geese but on there way almost there they had to be careful but they still get busted by the geese and they were very angry.

coyote v.s acme

the coyote sets up on the road runner and go hide from him and get the road runner to get him but it always keeps getting him because that road runner is faster than a coyotes the road runner .

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