The Great Sinking

The Famous Sinking of the Titanic
By: Hailey Davis


The Titanic was a beauty,full of wonders,that used to sail the Atlantic Ocean.This beauty started being built on March 31st,1909.This glorious ship sank on April 15th,1912,at 2:20 a.m. because it hit a iceberg.some people said"This ship is unsinkable."but they were wrong.

About the Ship

The Titanic was almost as long as three football fields long(822 feet),and including the four smoke stacks,the Titanic was as long as a 17-story building.The Titanic's engines used 800 tons of coal each day. Its top speed was 24 knots (27 miles per hour). It was one of the first ships to have telephone systems and electric lights in all the rooms. 2,220 traveled on the Titanic's first, but last voyage.

The Sinking

The Titanic was 800 miles from New York when it sank. 866 people were rescued by the Carpathia. The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912 at 2:20 am because it hit an iceberg. Only 30 percent of the people on the Titanic survived. Jack Thayer, 17, was on the voyage of a life time, then DISASTER STRUCK!!! As the Titanic began to sink, he was separated from his parents and lost almost ALL HOPE OF SURVIVAL!!!The silence was broken by the first frantic cries for help.It's true a ship can't cry, but everyday I mourn of the many lives lost that bleakest, blackest night.

Under The Water

The Titanic has a grave under water that sill lies in that same place today,to remind us of the many lives lost that terrifying,but very calm night.The Titanic still is glorious,just you don't see how many people sacerfiste them selfs for the wemen with childern could stay together for the rest of thier lives.



Frantic:Feeling or showing fear or great sadness

Knot:A unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour,approximately 1.151 mph(miles per hour)

Mourn:To feel or show great sadness or unhappiness about something

Percent:Out of 100

Ton:A unit of measurement

Example:1 short ton is 2,000 pounds.The Titanic used 800 tons of coal each day witch equals 1,600,000 pounds of coal per day.

Voyage:A long journey to a distant or unknown place especially over wayer or through outer space.

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