I chose this photo because I thought the colour variation between the grass stem and the brown dirt. I chose to put the grass strip on the rule of thirds.

I edited this photo using an effect called 'sun beams'. I chose to put the edit on because I think it makes the grass stem stand out more and it makes the dirt look more alive even though its not alive.

I thought this picture looked cool, because I used the rule of thirds.

When I edited this photo I first put an effect on it and then I put a fire streak through the bottom of it. The fire streak makes it look more bright and nice to look at.

I took this photo because I liked how the leaf had holes in it like it had been eaten by a caterpillar. It gives it a unique look.

Personally this is my favourite edit. I put a nature border on and used some text to write 'nature'. This is my favourite edit because i think the black border and the white text go together well with the green grass.

this photo is of a centipede. I thought it was pretty.

I edited this photo using a vintage effect, making the sides darker. I also blurred out the surroundings so that the focus is on the centipede.

I used just a simple 4 square collage and made the edges a bit round and made the photos spaced out.

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