How To Make A Comic Book.


Have you ever made a book, what about a comic book? There are a lot of steps to make a comic like editing and making a plot. Read this so you could know how to make one.

What is a comic book

A comic book is a infinite world were anything can happen. A comic book is fun to read but better when you make one. With making a comic book you make every little detail the way you want. If you want a good comic book have something come up out of nowhere.

Making a character

Remember you have to start with a premade character or make a new one. Add to your new character facial hair (If you want), tallness or shortness, fatness or skinny and minor details. Then add a costume the costume can be anything like plain shirt and pants.

Making the plot

When you are making a comic book you have to make sure it continues or starts a series. Once you have that figure out start by making the plot where how someone became a hero or (if you want to continue a series). Start by adding who's in the plot and what role do they play with what happens during the story and connect to last comic (if wanted).


After everything is done you have to start finding out how you want the layout. If you want to have your drawings big make the square (where you put your drawings in) 11 inches wide and 17 inches long. Then ink your layout in black ink. Then draw what you want in the square and ink character in blue ink.


Remember comic book making can be hard and fun. So if your making a comic with your friends remember these step so you can sell and make money.


Comic Book: A small paper book with very little words.

Plot: A story

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