Ski Resorts in the Appalachians

Building a ski resort on the Appalachians is a good idea. It's a good idea because of its climate and conditions.

Having a ski resort in the Appalachians is good because of the climate. The climate in the Appalachians are suitable for ski resorts because the temperature is very cold in the northern parts. The northern area of the Appalachians is the perfect place for a ski resort because it has an Arctic climate, long, cold winters and short, cool summers.

Also, the Appalachians have very short and stubby mountains and hills. This is good for skiing because the track will be very smooth. Having a smooth track is essential for a good ski resort and the Appalachians has plenty of short mountains due to all the erosion.

The Appalachians have leeched soil and a lack of humus, so there are barely any plants or vegetation that can grow there. This is good for the ski resort because there would be less obstacles on the ski tracks and it would be easier to build them because there are no trees in the way.

The Appalachians has 3 different sections: Northern, Central, and Southern. The ski resort is most likely going to be in the Northern part because of its cold and cool climate, so the snow will stay around a bit longer. The geology of the Appalachians is that they have sedimentary rocks, volcanic rocks, and slivers of ancient ocean floor.

A ski resort might sound really nice, but what happens if there is a natural disaster? A natural disaster that might happen on the northern Appalachians might be an avalanche. Avalanches are caused by excessive snowfall, solar radiation, rainfall, rockfall, and skiers, snowmobiles, and explosives. If an avalanche hits the ski resort, the guests will be in danger. To help prevent this, the ski resort will operate on lower areas. But since the Appalachians have eroded so much, there is a lot of smaller hills, so the risk of an avalanche is way less.

Climate change will have a huge effect on the ski resort. It will have a big effect because if the temperature gets higher, the snow will be melting faster and that would mean less opening times for the resort. But, if it gets colder, than it benefits the ski resort because the snow will stay longer and that would mean more operating times for the resort.

In conclusion, the Appalachians are a very good place to build a ski resort on because of its cold and cool climate, smooth and flat surface, and the leeched soil, but, we still need to watch out for a potential avalanche warning.

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