Journal of a Civil War Man

My name is Edward Noah Buckley. I am from Rochester, Michigan, where most of my family is from. I was 19 when the civil war started and I was so fascinated with it. But my family didn't want anything to do with it. My dad was a work aholic that mad millions because of selling wild mustangs that were caught in the wild. My mother stayed home and cleaned the house. My older brothers were interested in politics. I will serve on the union side because I believe that men should be created equal and not be slandered of their rights because of their racial color. I am major on the union and I am ready to fight  and or die for my country.

The Journal

The journal

Marcus- Man harleen I am whipped from the days work

Harleen- Yeah I am too, my bread basket is hungry

Marcus- So much happened but you know what I am going to do now

Harleen- What?

Marcus- get wallpapered , with some of that joy juice we got in the kitchen counter

Harleen- Ok, i’ll get me some bark juice

Marcus- Please got some for me too

Harleen- ok be right back one second

Marcus- BULLY,

Harleen-Should I also grab a root?

Marcus- Yeah and get me all of the hornets that I have I want to shoot some gray backs

Harleen- Ok

Marcus- get me some goobers to

Marcus- I am just bluffing

Harleen- You better be

Marcus- Oh no the popo is at that the door I got to skitdaddle, you know how

Harllen- But wait you didn’t finish your joy juice

Marcus-its ok I have some more in my pocket

Harleen- This is the second time this week this happened.


The rich mahogany stock up agiasnt me was strong and firm. He was ready to fire at anybody or anything that moved.


As I get up for morning drills, I can see the morning fog and the wet dew that the night came and left for me.


When I wasn't fighting in the war I usually was dancing with all of my friends in the Army.


I remember like it was 150 years ago(because it was) that they fought until their hearts gave out. And weren't quitting until another side surrendered or was all dead.


I am coming home today. My four year enlistment is up. Those four years were terrible, disgusting, and bloody. When I left my little boy was four now he is eight. I wonder if he will remember me. I can't wait to have a good cooked meal. I can' wait to see people not die left and right. I want to get every treatment for any sickness so I don't get sick, again. I also won't be bored all the time. I don't know but I will never do this again, I put my life on the line because of two guys who didn't agree on a small matter that went big.

Awesome Food

When I am on the move I eat raw meat and this is what it looks like on a good day. It taste like dirt

The Injuries and Illnesses Of the War

Some of the illnesses were the measles, mumps, and or chicken pox. Some injuries while in battle were very severe. Some got shot more than once in major arteries. Others were hit with cannon balls or cannon casing. Long and thick deep cuts hurt and throbbed and bled. So if you didn't get a illnesses your going to probably get an injury. I got the chicken pocks and I was glad to get that because that is a disease that can be treated and can be terminated. But some are just saying your going to go through lots of pain before you die.

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