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Australian Stereotypes & Voices

What is a stereotype? What are two Australian stereotypes that you have learned about and how accurate are they in your opinion?

A stereotype is a generic idea or image that society has of a particular group of people or things. Two Australian stereotypes are: 1. all of Australians eat and love vegemite and 2. all Australians are really tan. The first stereotype is not entirely accurate. Many Australians have grown up on the taste of vegemite as it was an Australian product, but their are a large number of Australians that greatly dislike the taste. I am one of these Australian who dislike vegemite and it also seems to be a an accepted stereotype within Australia. The second stereotype is very inaccurate. Yes, Australia has many beaches. Yes, our weather is warm. No, we are not all really tanned especially not during winter. Many Australian don't live close to a beach or go to the beach often. Many Australians are very fair skinned, no matter the amount of times they spend outdoors.

How can stereotypes be damaging to a person or group?

Stereotypes can be damaging to a person or group. If a person or group has a negative stereotype that is accepted among others, this will be damaging to them. It could be especially damaging if a stereotype is attacking their religion, appearance or origin.

Find examples of three different Australian Accents. Which accent do you feel that you have and why? What does this reveal about you and your background?

The first 40 seconds of this video show an example of each of the three accents.

I believe that I have the general Australian accent. This revels that I am of middle class and that the people around the area that I am also speak in this way. It is more of a neutral Australian accent that is not as strong as the broad accent and is not as 'posh' as the cultivated accent.