My Twinn friend is Florian.He is 16 years old.He loves to the sports but he likes team sports.He has a brother.He is a good man.He likes Turkish food and music.He likes kebab.His favorite team PSG.Florian is mdrr laughs.mdrr in Turkısh aSDASd.ASD:.Florian lives in the interior of France.He doesn't like computer games but he has an xbox likes playing with the xbox.We get along well.We are talking on Facebook.

Romain Prugnot by Elem TetikApril 10, 2014 8:06 PMEditDelete

My twin friend is a boy and his name is Romain. He's 15 years old. He has a brother and a sister. He likes playing tennis and he likes rap music. "I want to travel to Turkey someday."he said. He lives in Luthenay. Luthenay is near of Nevers.He has a cat and his name is Feuvert. We have a chat on fb.

Jahangir Alam by Buket AğunApril 6, 2014 6:44 PMEditDelete

My twin student is a boy and his name is Jahangir Alam. He's 17 yo. and he's going to be 18 on 7th May. He has two sisters and one of them is 23, other one is 19 years old. He is a muslim and his family,too. His father is retaired but he works all time for his family members.

Jahangir wants to be a good doctor in future.That's his the biggest goal. So, he studies hard and does his best.I believe that he'll be a good doctor in future.He likes singing,playing football,cricket gousiping with his friends and watching TV. His fav. school subjects are Maths and English but he likes others also.He likes all of his classmates but his best friend is Nouri and he is 17 years old. He lives with him. Jahangir wants to travel to Saudi Arabia in future someday. He is kind and I hope his dreams come true , he reaches his goals one day.

Buket Ağun by Jahangir alamApril 5, 2014 7:02 PMEditDelete

My twin student is a girl her name is Buket Ağun.She is 16 years old and she lives in vize.She has four members in hers family and she has a younger sister.Her name is Ozlem,she is very nice and Buket Ağun loves her too much.The date of birth of Buket Ağun is 14 january.Her sister is 12 years old.Her religion is islam and also all family members are muslim.She likes listening musics,watching movies etc and she loves flowers so much that's why she spends her most of the free time in her garden with the flowers.She wants to become a computer engineer in her future life.Her father is worker and he supports his family.Her favourites subjects are spanish,math and english,She likes her others subjects as well.She loves all of her class mates but she is closer with Selin,Hande, Bahar &Selin.After all she has a best friend from Iran,Her name is Elahe and she is 16 years old like her.She wants to travel South Korea,India,Canada...etc in fact, a world tour...She wants to visit Iran as well.She is very intelligent girl and i hope she will be shin in her life......

Ferhat Sahin by Joshua MetaisApril

My twin studen is Ferhat he has 15 years old , he's love play basket ball he has one sister ferhat live in centra turkey he has borwn eyes et black hair he measure 1,75 Ferhat speak English and Turkish

H.Sena Kuruç by Julie RaybaudApril 3, 2014 1:25 PMEditDelete

My twin student is a girl. Her name is H.Sena Kuruç and she has 17 years old. She lives in central Turkey. She has two brothers and sisters. She has green eyes and brown hair.

Pelin Akçay by Anaelle LeuzyApril 1, 2014 8:28 PMEditDelete

My twin student is Pelin Akçay, she is a girl and she has 17 years old. Pelin lives in central Turkey, she has two brothers, she loves pizza, fish and sweets baklava (turkish dessert). Pelin speaks English and Turkish. She measures 1m65, she has Brown eyes and long wairy Brown hair. Pelin loves cats but she not has a cats, she has budgerigar and she loves pop music and action movies. Pelin playing volleyball and she loves see her friends.

Hasancan Celik by Clément MoquetMarch 31, 2014 5:21 PMEditDelete

My correspondent, his name Hasancan Celik. Was born in 26 november 1997 in Istanbul, in Bahçelievler. I live in Tekirdag, in Turkey. Live in house.

Don't have brother and sister, he is a only child ! Don't have a pet.

The english is many different languages of the Turkish.

He like do sport, spend time withe your friends and do sports withe theym, play a basketball, football, volleyball, swim : he be a whole sporty !

He enjoy travelling and he have visited one country : the islands of the Caribbean. He like eat the kebab.

Like very much the music before rock and the metal. He be a band musicians withe his four friends. He play the bass guitar in the band.

He speak germain, english and turkish.

Helem Tetik by Romain PrugnotMarch 29, 2014 2:39 PMEditDelete

My twin student is a girl. Her name is Helem Tetik . She has sixteen years old. Her hobbies are dancing, running and she likes drawing. She lives in Vize. Elem go to school in Vize Andolu Zisei. She would like visit the france. She said: I really wonder so much visit France. She's got one brother. I have speak with Elem on Facebook.

Semih Koparan by Inès LeblancMarch 29, 2014 10:33 AMEditDelete

My twin is a boy. His name is Semih. He has a sister. He was born the 19 April 1997. He has seventeen years old. He lives in Tekirdağ, in Turquie, in Thrace, by the sea of Marmara. He reads in school in other cities. He has brown eyes and brown hairs. He likes football, gym, ride a bike, swim,basketball, and table tennis. In the life, he likes read books, computer games and listen to music. He likes the Hiphop, and this favorite singers are Eminem, Shakira, Bob Marley and Rihanna. He likes singing Turkish hiphop. He has a dog, a race of golden, and the dog's name Oscar, and it's two months. He hates school.

Lea SorioMarch 28, 2014 8:03 PMEditDelete

My twin is a girl.Her name is Lea Sorio.She is 15 years old. She lives in France,Nevers. She plays tennis and practice dance.She has got a one brother.his name is Alan.He is 18 years old.Lea favourite class in history.She learns is spanish.Spanish is easy because your teacher is very good.School begins at 8:00 a.m she doing this afternoon sing go out with your friends. She takes a photo of your friends because she loves photography . She has got a Canon camera.She is lucky. It's gift of your parents for christmas. She birthday is 14 of december.She is sagitarrius.In france football it is a famous sport.She loves make-up and clothes.She has got a 100 nail polish .That's incredible. She has got a orange cat.His name is Zizou. It is name is of a football player very famous in France.She favourite school subject is Spanish. Because it is so interesting. :) :) :)

Taïsse Ludovino Costa . => Mehmet Avci :) !March 28, 2014 6:38 PMEditDelete

Mehmet is seventeen years old. He lives in Vize/Kırklareli but three years ago he lives in Istanbul. He has short blonde hair and green eyes and tell and slim. He wearing glasses. He likes playing football, basketball and listening to music.His favorite team is Fenerbahce , one torkish team.He half professional photographer. He loves visiting different places. He likes watching serials Dr Who, Conan, Revolution. He loves watching Formula 1 races. His favorite team is Mercedes and His favorite racer is Lewis Hamilton.He speak three languages , Turkish , english and german . Mehmet loves chocolate .

Mehmet is really Kind !  

Cassandra Seguin => Asli Özdil .March 28, 2014 6:36 PMEditDelete

The name of my correspondent is Asli Özdil. She is a girl . she is sixteen. Her birthday is the three of september. She lives in Turkey, in a town in the country . The name of her town is Cakilli. She goes to school of never in bus. Her hobbies are/ listening to music , read a book , shopping and jogging. She has a brother , his name is Cagri. She has a dog. Her favorite subject is geography.

Semih Koparan par Estelle GénionMarch 28, 2014 6:23 PMEditDelete

Semih is seventeen years old. He has a sister.He likes football,basketball and table tennis.He lives in Tekirdag, in Turquie in Thrace by the sea of Mazmara.He reads a book, he likes swim and listen to music. He likes the hiphop, and this favorite singers are Eminem; Shakira, Rihanna and Bob Marley. He has a dog , a race of golden and the dog's name Oscar , and he is two month. He likes computer games. He likes singing turkish hiphop. He hate the school.

Orlane Colas by Ozan BİÇERMarch 27, 2014 11:13 PMEditDelete

Orlane is fifteen years old. She lives in Nevers/Burgundy.

She has tall and thin. She wears glasses. She love football,

dance, swimming and ice skating.

Her favorite team PSG.

She speak four languages French, English, Spanish, Italian.

His favorite singers Daddy Yankee, Rihana, Beyoncé.

She study PFEG ( is economy) and italian.

Emre Kaçar by Caroline HuMarch 27, 2014 10:18 PMEditDelete

My twin is seveteen years old. He is tall. He loves sport, he plays basketball, his post is guard. He likes football, his team prefer is galatasaray and at basketball is nba, boston and celtic. All those that don't like, I don't like too as eggplant, oinions, ect.. but his food favorite is kebab. He has four fish but they died because he gives much food. He listen of rock music, his rap music, his music prefer is a7x - dear god. And for finish he hates math.

Hasancan by Marie NMarch 27, 2014 6:12 PMEditDelete

His name is Hasancan, he was born the 26 of october in nineteen ninety seven in Turkey.

He hasn't got brother and sister and pets.

He plays basket in club every friday.

He has a group of metal music with four other people and he plays guitar.

He loves basket, footbal, voley and table tennis. He likes travel and listen every kind of music but especially metal and rock.

He never comes in France but but he has ever travel in caraibain isles. At school he learns deusth and english languages. When he grows up he will become an architect

Mehmet Avci by Charline HeurleyMarch 27, 2014 9:29 AMEditDelete

His name is Mehmet Avci. He is seventeen. He lives in Vize/Kırklareli. He is tall and slim. He has short blond hair and green eyes, he is wearing glasses. He likes taking photos and listening to music. He likes playing football and basketball. He loves watching Formula 1 races and his favorite racer is Lewis Hamilton. He likes watching serials Dr Who, Conan, Revolution, Teen Wolf are his favourites.

Sule Kocaman by LéaMarch 27, 2014 9:15 AMEditDelete

My twin is a girl, her name is Sule Kocaman. She is 14years old, in live in Kirklareli. She listen to music and sing song. Wenesday, she was sick and she don't went at school. She has one sister and one brother.They are 1years and 12years. They name Betül and Sanet. She prefer class is English. She learn Deutsh and for her Deutsh is easy because she has great note. Her school begin at 8:30am. Wenesday, she hangs out with her friends. She loves protography. And she doesn't celebrate christmas. Her birthday is on the 26may, she is gemini. She no has animal but she loves cat.

  • Gökmen Uygun by FlorianMarch 26, 2014 6:00 PMEditDelete
  • Gökmen Uygun is a boy. He's 16 years old. He lives in Vize, Kirklareli. His birthday is october 20th. He's 1.69 meters tall. He has got one sister, she's 15 years old.
  • His Turkish favorite band is Duman which means "Smoke" in Turkish and his Turkish favorite singer is Oğuzhan Koç. He loves playing football, and he plays on League of Legends game in his computer on turkish server.
  • His favorite football team in Turkey is Beşiktaş. He plays in Vize Anadolu Lisesi football team but friday, him and his team have lost a football match : 4-2. It was an hard game, two players on his team were injured.
  • Gökmen likes to call me "bro", it is a very good nickname, i love it.
  • His religion is muslim. In turkey, to say "lol", turkish people use : "SA:dS.adAs.Da.S". We speak everyday on Facebook.

Anaëlle Leuzy by Pelin AkçayApril 3, 2014 7:31 PMEditDelete

My twin student is Anaelle Leuzy . She is a girl. She has 17 years old. She lives in France, Nevers.She has one big brother.She measures 1 meters 63, she has long brown hair,blue eyes.She likes a good piece of meat wiyh mushrooms. She likes so much pears in the chocolate, Nutella.She prefers sport handball and basketball. She speaks French,English,Spanish and Italian.She likes listening to music little everything.She likes James Bond but she likes more the actor. She likes funny movies. She loves laugh.She has 3 cats.


In the past

Grangparents wrote on both sides of notebooks and they used the same pen ball point pen.Nowadays

My cousin works in an office.She uses recycled ink, choose environmentally friendly paper print in black and white, keep a recycle box near desk


we avoid giving presents with excess packging

In the past we use to make our own presents or card

In The Past

Throughout history, people have tried to come up with a way to keep perishable foods fresh. Until the early 19th century. My Grandmother told :’The only options were pickling, salting, drying or smoking then.They would reduce waste.

Nowadays we prepare by cannig and recycle containers.

Ferhat ŞahinJune 3, 2014 3:41 PMEditDelete

İn the past,

people used to travel by train.Because it was faster than walking. But now,we use vehicles to go from one please to another to present wasting time.

SELİN KARAKAŞJune 3, 2014 12:58 PMEditDelete

In the past,

the dishes were washed by hands.


the dishes were washed the dishwasher.So less water is used.

Buse DÖĞENCİJune 3, 2014 11:25 AMEditDelete

In the past

we used to borrow books from the library.

Nowadays we prepare by cannig and recycle containers.


We buy books, magazines, then pass on themto friends,officies , hospitals or other waiting rooms to be re-read.

Emre KaçarJune 3, 2014 10:19 AMEditDelete

In the past , my granddad told us how they can kept fresh fruit and vegetables.There was a draw well in the garden.They put some food(watermelon) in it to keep fresh.

Nowadays , we use deep-freeze to keep fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ayşenur ÖktenJune 3, 2014 10:07

Before people were using their bag for several times and they weren't use plastic bags.

People were giving their old clothes to other persons for helping them now they are giving to helping foundations.

Yunus Fırat YılmazJune 3, 2014 5:36 AMEditDelete

In the past our parents used mesh bags. Mesh bags were used continuously. They went everywhere with mesh bags. For example, market, shopping, etc.

Now we use recycled nylon and fabric bags. These bags are more convenient and healthy. Moreover, It does not harm nature.

Nowadays , we use deep-freeze to keep fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mehmet AVCIJune 2, 2014 3:25 PMEditDelete

In the past People couldn't guess amount of wood to build the roof of a house and make furniture with the rest of it.

Nowadays They can use what they need so they must cut down less trees.

Pelin AkçayJune 2, 2014 1:41 PMEditDelete

In the past , my grandmom unravelled pullover when they got old or smaller then she would made new ones.

Today , we give old clothes to boutiquies and they give us money .Then they made new ones and sell to people.

Ozan BiçerJune 2, 2014 12:56 PMEditDelete

In the past

My mother tells:"Parents used to buy clothes 1 size bigger, "we would wear them and grow into them. They had adjustable bands on the waist, it makes clothes last so much longer. We bought new dresses for religious festivals only. We were four sisters and we wore older sister' clothes. It wasn't so fun.


People give their clothes to people in need or sell their clothes and buy new clothes when the prices are low.

Huriye Sena KURUÇJune 2, 2014 12:26 PMEditDelete

In the past, people would give their old clothes to the homeless or needy people.

Today, we give old clothes to Red Crecent.And Red Crecent help to people in need.

wasteJune 2, 2014 10:12 AMEdit0 CommentsTask 3, Margot MendesJune 1, 2014 8:05 PMEdit0 CommentsCaroline HuMay 30, 2014 4:35 PMEditDelete

Now a day

My parents use the food from the day before in order not to waste. They only throw what is not good. They reheat with a microwave or saucepan. So the food is good angain and they may add same sauce to give it more taste.

In the past

My grandparents gave food at animals. The food from the day before could not be ate because they did not have of microwave. Or else my grandparents gave the food at their neighbours. And in the worst case they threw the food at the bin.

By Caroline Hu1 View, 0 CommentsCarreau EmmieMay 30, 2014 4:33 PMEditDelete

Before, people used to go to the washing place to wash their clothes, it was ecological, however the chores were not easy, the water is cold ! They used water in a river, it was good for the planet and they partaged a moment everybody.

Carreau EmmieMay 30, 2014 4:33 PMEditDelete

Before, people used to go to the washing place to wash their clothes, it was ecological, however the chores were not easy, the water is cold ! They used water in a river, it was good for the planet and they partaged a moment everybody.

Now, they don't go to the washing place because they don't exist anymore, they were replaced. People wash clothes in a washing machine. It's more easy ! Every people consume water, it's wasting but people want in the future reduce at maximum a wasting of water.

Chloé LambertMay 30, 2014 4:30 PMEditDelete

Nowadays, my parents want to reduce consommation of energy with turn off the light and the electric heating.

In the past, my grandparents used to candles. And so they didn't pollute and the price is reduce. But the light is very minimal, so they had to use many candles.

In the past, my grandparents used to candles. And so they didn't pollute and the

LUDOVINO COSTA TaïsseMay 30, 2014 1:13 PMEditDelete TODAY

A few years ago

To recycle some paper one throw them in a dustbin of colour blue. Then they are all crushed by an enormous machine in a factory of recycling . Their life do not finish because these papers serve again to make exercise books of schools by examples! Today In streets, practically everywhere there are trash cans to put papers instead of polluting the planet by throwing them flowerbed .

Before papers had no second life. They were thrown but not to recycle. Often we found them flowerbed, on pavements, in the street. There were so many trash cans before and there was thus a lot of wasting.

Estelle Génion - reduse , re-use, recycle.May 29, 2014 8:28 PMEditDelete


This photograph represents a way to reduce our waste with this contener which

serves to give the clothes you no longer want or are too small or too large has associations or charities. We can also give our clothes to friends or members of our family.

In the past

This photograph represents the means to reduce the waste in the time of our grandparents.They put the deposits of waste in special containers with lids to deposit

their garbage outside their doors so they are not scattered in the streets.

Before:In the time of my grandparents,they haven't done many things to reduce waste. Because the people of that time was illiterate and they didn't know most of the things like re-cycle re-use..etc.But they have used the materials which wasn't too much harmful for the environment.Like they brought the milk directly from the farme,the fruits from garden etc. And for the foods,if there was rest some food they gave to the people who was living under the poverty line.After all they was little bit aware about their life

.Nowadays:At this moment,the people are litterate and they know what the meaning of re-cycle,re-use etc.Also they know that there are differents kinds of charity who are able to help them to reduce waste(foods,cloths,bottles,plastic bags etc).Now we can reuse the same foods for making the foods for dogs,fishs ect.We can re-cycle water by fitering,also we can re-use one plastic bags more than one time.Althought we can give our old cloths to the charity which can be usable for the people of poor country.Thats means who live in under the poverty line and who survive hand to mouths.We can live a good life by that kinds of steps re-use,re-cycle etc.....

The waste in the past (Lucas Lemort)May 28, 2014 8:39 PMEditDelete

In the past:

In the past, everything was repairable. For example, before, my grandparents don't had access to supermarcket but a shop and there was less plastic bottles too. Glass bottles were recyclable and my grandparents don't used plastic bags.


Now, in my house, we have compost to recycle to organic waste and we sort out waste. Several times, my father go in waste collection center to throw any metallic objects or other.

Emilie LONGOMay 28, 2014 8:21 PMEditDelete


Nowaday, my parents and I, we worry to nature and the wasting that is why, after eating, we throw the peels from fruit and vegetables in a special container to make some compost, it's good for garden and for the flowers. My parents put a compost bin at the bottom of the garden. We cultivate a fruit and vegetables all year in order to has a compost everyear. If the culture is bad, my mother going to market to buy fruit and vegetable.

In the past

In the past, we use to sent letters, my grandmother used a letters to give news to her family and her friends. Instead of trowing the paper that we do not use in the trash as I and my family do, my grandmother used to keep it in the little box to write a letters to her friends and her family.By Emilie Longo1 View, 0 CommentsWaste not want notMay 28, 2014 7:33 PMEdit0 CommentsReduce wasteMay 27, 2014 11:44 AMEditPermissions0 CommentsFlagyunus fırat yılmaz


Now there is the selective sorting waste for recycling and then give a new use some waste. There is also compost, which is to accumulate plant waste for reuse for land. Using rechargeable batteries reduces waste batteries. There is also the creation ofrecyclable packagingBy Cassandra Seguin3 Views, 0 CommentsFlagcassandra seguin

Reduce wasteMay 27, 2014 11:44 AMEditPermissions0 CommentsFlagyunus fırat yılmaz

MARIE NMay 26, 2014 3:48 PMEditDelete

In the past,

Up till 80’s , glass bottles were returnable.

There wasn’t still containers for throw glass bottles.

Bottles was washed and re-used many times after.

People came get back their returnable when they bring back their bottles empty.

The returnable was money like 10 or 30 “centimes”.


Now people are concerned of ecology and they can buy refills for products they use.

For example we buy soap in can and when it is finish rather than buy again a can we can buy refills

It’s less expensive and 1 refills = 2 cans

Nowadays, We can make compost to avoid throwing our rubbish.My parents use it to grow vegetables as a consequence.We recycle and we have beautiful vegetables.

In the past.My grandparents used to bring back the glass bottles to the shop.There was less plastic bottles therefore less pollution.

SORIO LéaMay 25, 2014 8:26 PMEditDeleteNowadays, we have create re-usable bottles. Bottle wasterepresents about 7 pounds per year per person.

Each year 25 billion glass bottles are sorted and recycled in Europe. And now, milk bottles are made in card board, ready to be recycled.

n the past, my grandparents use to go to the farm with their bottles in glass or iron. They never threw and so they didn't waste.

To recycle rubbish, we make compost and after it is used like fertilizer in our garden. We recycle plastic bottles to make pens or clothes.To reduce products packaging, some supermarkets suggest to buy products one item at a time. To re-use clothes, we give them to charities or sell them on "leboncoin" or "E-bay". To re-use bottles, we fill them again.

In the past

In the time of my great-grandparents, there weren't any supermarkets. In shops, my grandmother didn't used any plastic bags because she had her own wicker basket. My grandparents didn't have bottled water instead they drank tap water. My grandfather used to buy milk at the farm because in the past, there weren't any milk cartons so farmers sold their milk in jugs.

Clément MOQUETMay 25, 2014 11:04 AMEditDeleteNowadays

My house my family to sort the rubbish; for example the cardboard isn't in the same bin that the plastic bottles. We recycle for the planet ! When recycle plastic bottleswe can make a pen, and even swimming-pool : you need 6000 plastic bottles to make a pool, withe the plastic. Don't use plastic for save the planet,reduce pollution. Or reuse the plastic bottles by filling the bottle withe tap water!

In the past

My grand parents used to go the milk in a farme . They used buy milk with glass bottle My grand parents reused glass bottle for the next time. Or my other grand parents used buy the milk at the milkman. The milkman save the glass bottle to filled once again ; the glass bottles is refundable!

When my grand-parents were young don't use the plastic in their life !

Anaelle Leuzy - reduce re-use recycleMay 24, 2014 5:41 PMEditDelete


Nowadays we don't mind wasting food. If we do not finish our plate or only we are anymore eat we put in the trash can. The water which flows when we wash ourselves teeth imports us little because we have all the water which we wish. But many homes have compost at the bottom of the garden.


At the time of my grandparents (after the Second World War) the wasting was an unthinkable thing. For example, the little bread they ate they could have completely ignoring it could be reseated.

Recycle now and beforeMay 24, 2014 12:58 PMEditDelete


In the 20th century before they exist 4 plant to treat waste. These factories are called "grinding factories and incineration" But the recycling of waste is done in large cities.
In France the First Law on Waste Management dated 15 July 1975 and in 1992 a new lawcalled royal vote which prohibits the discharge


In the 21st century, to recycle there are several ways to recycle, the selectivesorting part that allows you to sort packages, there are also bins of different colors for different types of packaging (paper, plastic box cans) and several factory for sorting throughout France (eg the pen bottle made from real bottle) .

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle- Inès LeblancMay 24, 2014 11:25 AMEditDelete

There are new simple rules that became reflexes, in our everyday life:

- eliminate disposable: shopping bags, for example, and buy large re-usable bags.

- Avoid packaging, portions, buy fruits and vegetables in bulk, prefer refills laundry.

-avoid advertissements in mailboxes, with stickers " STOP PUB"

-drink tap water, rather than the most expensive bottles.

-repair domestic appliances, before throwing them.

- recycle according to the instructions.


Sort out and recycle: we have all now several trashes in our kitchen. The selective sorting is a part of our life, with yellow bin liners for the plastic, blue for cartoons and paper, green boxes for the glass, biodegradable for the organic wastes. Waste is sort out by categories before being recycled, or being burned. It's important to throw the garbage at the right place, in good conditions, not to contaminate a whole lot of waste. The waste management is business of all, well to sort out, better to buy and limit the wasting.

In the past


Sort out and recycle: we have all now several trashes in our kitchen. The selective sorting is a part of our life, with yellow bin liners for the plastic, blue for cartoons and paper, green boxes for the glass, biodegradable for the organic wastes. Waste is sort out by categories before being recycled, or being burned. It's important to throw the garbage at the right place, in good conditions, not to contaminate a whole lot of waste. The waste management is business of all, well to sort out, better to buy and limit the wasting.

In the past

In the time of my grandparents ( they are 82 years old) no supermarkets, no overconsumption, no chemicals, and 90 % of people lived in the country. People lived naturally, cooked and warmed their house with wood fire and got back the rainwater. The women washed in the hands. They didn't have washing machine. People cultivated their vegetables, raised their hens, rabbits, ducks. They kept everything newspapers cartoons, bottles, boxes, tie up, crates. It allowed the objects to have a second life. Otherwise, they burned things in their garden. At that time, the recycling didn't exist.

By Inès Leblanc23 Views, 0 Commentsreduce,re-use,recycle romain prugnot

reduce,re-use,recycle romain prugnotMay 24, 2014 10:12 AMEditDelete

Recycling today


Recycling is the recovery of waste to give them a new life, and not to use natural resources while that we can recycle.Recycling helps reduce the volume of waste, and therefore the pollution they would cause (some materials take decades, even centuries,

to degrade)

Recycling before