Deception Detection

This robot performs the task of detecting deception. The task this robots simulates is detecting deception using videos and pictures. This robot is used for suspect interrogations and, intelligence gatherings. It doesn't have any flexible joints. This robot is not a multi-functional robot. A programmer programs the robot until it performs the right task. This robot has unobtrusive remote sensors such as video surveillance and it uses these sensors to detect deception in people. The advantage of this robot is that more suspects will get caught and, more intelligence will be received. The bad thing is that some people might look like they are lying when they really aren't. This robot can help the world because  it will put more crooks, thieves, and bad guys in jail,and find more information about what bad people are doing. It can also help and find more people. Some jobs and careers this robot can create are sensors readers, and programmers. This robot could be used to find missing people, and tag numbers.

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