Swimming is a physical activity in the water. Swimming is also a sport.

Question 1: Is swimming good for your health?

Swimming is good for your health. Even a gentle swim can burn over 200 calories in half an hour. A fast front crawl can burn as many calories as an 8mph run. Also in my research I found that female swimmers have been shown to experience significantly less tension, depression, and anger after swimming than before. In Britain many people have used swimming to improve psychologically when suffering from depression. Which means that they improve in the head.  As well as helping your diet, it also helps prevent diseases. So swimming is good for your health.

Is the sun's rays more harmful when you are swimming?

   Sun exposure is dangerous no matter where you are. You do not  get more sun when you are at the beach. The reason sun exposure is dangerous is because the rays can cause skin cancer. You may feel as if you get more sun when you are at the beach, but the reason is because you may be wearing a bathing suit.. It is important to wear sunscreen of a minimum of SPF 50 or protective clothes. So the answer to my question is no. The rays can cause problems but its not because of swimming just what you where.

What makes swimming fun for people?

First of all what makes swimming fun is the fact that many kids decide to play games while swimming. In my family my brothers and I play many games and we can play for hours. Other people can see swimming as a way to compete and that's fun for them. In my research I found that swimming teams will be more cooperative while playing games without taking away from practice. So in a way playing games makes swimming fun even when your serious.

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