GIOIOSO - the Happy Ice cream of Corte Fenilazzo

A genuine production

Who doesn't love ice cream, the sweet-and-fresh side of summer? if you love country life, the open air freetime, if you're spending (or planning to) your vacation on Lake of Garda (Italy), this is our suggestion: go and visit Corte Fenilazzo. Their ice creams worth the journey. Below the main ingredient producer: Gioiosa, the cow! She gives the milk for the ice cream daily production.

Corte Fenilazzo is a farm on Lake of Garda, run by the family Cavaliere: father, mother, the aunt maria Teresa and 3 brothers, Roberto, Edoardo and Celeste. Edoardo Cavaliere and his sister-in-law Monia are the ice-cream makers, with the help of Donata Panciera, a renowned master ice cream maker.

Donata explained that all their ice cream are made with genuine and fresh ingredients from the farm Corte Fenilazzo: they have more than 200 cows, and about 20 or 30 of them are reserved on producing the milk for the ice creams and the many cheeses they also produce. The other ingredients - the season fruits, or some vegetables - are also from the farm, or from other neighboring farmers. All of them are treated with all the care, in a modern laboratory, but following old recipes (and some new, original discoveries). Thus, besides the traditional flavors of cream, vanilla, chocolate or pistachio, depending on the season you can find the ice cream pumpkin, chestnut and even with eggplant!

Furthermore, no one should give up the pleasure of ice cream, if has some food intolerance: there is an agrigelato also for diabetics and celiacs. Just choosing the right one. Happy icecream!