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If you say that you are going to pay them on the first of every month, pay them on the first of every month. If you can, pay them a day early. It just makes life a lot easier for you and them because that way they’re assured that they’re going to get paid.
Encouragement Make sure you do look after instantazon pro review. Don’t just give them the training material. Compliment them, encourage them, support them, and give them as much feedback as they can receive about what they’re doing. If they’re performing really well, then say to them, “You’re doing a fantastic job. I love what you’re doing. Keep it up.” Simple things like that keep them motivated. They’re simple words; it doesn’t cost you anything. It keeps the team staying on board because they love working with you. That’s what I’ve done with my team. That’s the reason why they love staying with me, I hope.
Bonuses If you can, give your staff bonuses from time to time – or just reward them with something. It doesn’t have to be monetary. One of my team members had a baby, so I helped him out with supporting the instantazon pro review . Things like that really make a difference for them. They’re really, really, encouraged when they know that you’re there to help. The other day, one of my programmer’s computers died. I said to him, “What’s going on here?” And he said, “I need to get a new motherboard.” So I said, “I’ll help you pay for that and get that fixed up.” For us, it’s not much. If you’re paying a full-time employee here in Australia, it’s about three grand a month. You’re paying one tenth of that price, so you can afford to pay out little fixes and changes like that.

Keeping the Morale High between the Team Members All my team members have access to each other – particularly, my virtual assistant. She speaks regularly to all of the team members because she needs to farm out work to them and ask them questions. So, she has all the people’s Skype data and email data so that she can talk to them whenever

I want them to interact with each other because I know that it can be a bit lonely at home and having a team that they can talk to really helps their instantazon pro review .

Take Action I know it sounds very simple and I know it’s a very common thing, but unfortunately even 80% of the students that come from my course just don’t take action. They buy the course. They participate. But they just don’t take action. Six months later, I ask them, “How are things going?” and they say, “Oh, I haven’t had time.”
Interview by Skype Make sure before you hire someone that you do interview face to face, on video. When you don’t do that, you often don’t find the right person. The reason is that if you don’t see them, talk to them, and hear their voice, then you don’t really know who they are. By doing that through Skype, it pretty much eliminates 80% of the issues that you may face. Once you see them, you know whether or not they’re the right person.
Make Your System a Priority When you have started to outsource, begin setting up your systems as soon as you can. For example, set up Basecamp HQ and start recording all of your training material. It’s going to take you a while, but I recommend that you just start saving all of your training material somewhere, because eventually you will need them again. When you have to hire the second, third, fourth virtual assistant, you can just easily give it to them. That’s something that I didn’t do at the beginning. I missed that step and now, everything that we do, we just record it and save it. Whether it’s good or not, we still save it just in case and we can compile it back together later down the track.

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