Under A War Torn Sky

Jaret Alexander Period 2

Character Analysis

In Under A War Torn Sky, L.M. Elliott does a great job of showing Henry's strengths and weaknesses. Henry was in a difficult position, and he found a way to get home. One of Henry's greatest attributes are his survival skills. Henry's plane got shot down right in the middle of Nazi Germany. He snuck around, and did his best not to get caught. However, Henry's strongest suit is probably his dedication to his country. "The guards held him under longer and longer, until Henry began to black out each time" (Elliott 200). The Nazi officials were torturing Henry, looking for answers, but Henry did not give in. He risked his own life for the protection of his own country, Henry is a true American hero. However, no one is perfect, and Henry expresses his weaknesses, just like everyone else. Henry's weak spot is most likely temptation. Henry wanted to go home and see Patsy and all his other friends and family. But, he has to get out of Europe alive. Henry has to control himself and realize that he's not out of the woods yet, and work still needs to be done. All in all, Henry is a solid character that is a true hero.

Setting Analysis

The dialogue in Under A War Torn Sky is an important part for the reader understanding the setting's impact. Dialogue is the most underappreciated part of a story. Throughout most of the novel, there are pieces of French as well as English, and German here and there. For example, "Pour toujours?" (Elliott 158). The dialogue was from when Henry had to say goodbye to the boy, and the boy was wondering if Henry will always remember him. Dialogue plays another extremely important part in the story. Because Henry is from America, and they are in Europe, if he does not know French or German, people are going to realize he is an American soldier. Luckily, Henry knows basic French from school back in Virginia. However, he has to be careful, because his accent is not that great. The quotes also do one more thing for the reader, they make it seem like it is a real live, story happening at this instance. Thus, that is why they call it historical fiction, it could happen but it did not. The dialogue makes it authentic. If the dialogue was in English, the book would not seem realistic. Then, L.M Elliot saved the day and added foreign languages to the novel. To summarize, the conversations in Under A War Torn Sky make it seem even more realistic.

Thematic Analysis

L.M. Elliot was trying to teach the theme of bravery in the book Under A War Torn Sky. Bravery is without a doubt the biggest message from the novel. Henry Forester shows what true bravery is. World War II is probably one of the deadliest and most remembered wars in history. The Nazis did some pretty horrible things, and they will always be known for it. Henry did not care. He went into the battlefield every single day, risking his life. The most amazing part of the story was he was only nineteen years old. "Henry ground his teeth. That meant a thousand miles round-trip under attack by enemy fighter planes and antiaircraft guns on the ground. They'd just hit Berlin and lost almost half the base's crews" (Elliott 6). Henry really demonstrates his courage when he was captured. For almost two days, he was tortured, not knowing if he would live, or if a breath would be his last one. Henry is a very brave teenager. Therefore, Henry and his courage is the base for the novel's theme.

American World War II Plane
A Group of the French Resistance, or Maquis.

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