Thamos jefferson

Apostle of democracy

Born:   April 13, 1743

Died:  July 4,1826

1740's to 1820's

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the declaration of independence, the  of the statue of Virginia for religious freedom and the 3rd president of the united states.Peter Jefferson was his father    a great planter and surveyor.but his mother was different she  was Jane Rundolph she was one of the member of an  acclaimed families having  ancestraled land had considerable land finca from his dad.Thomas began to constructed monticello when he  was 26

year old.

3 years later he married a women named Martha Wayle Skelton.  T year  pat she die d and their marrige produced six children , but only 2 survived to adults . Thomas inherted slaves from his father and his father in law . he own over 200 slaves most of the age 16 . having attend college of william & marry and study law . served int the local government as many things. when he became a member of the congress Thomas was chosen to draft the declaration of independence . George Washington gave he a job as captalist .Hamilton  ran for  president  but lost by 4 vote so he became Presidental canidate  of a polical  ;party. Jefferson beat  adams in a elect and became president.

The people that Thomas  approved him greatly for what is did and tried to do for them.

Thomas Jefferson made a path for the new political party the democrats.

liked: Art, litature , studying law, and artecture

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