England and the Black Death

Ten Facts

1. The first of the outbreaks swept through England around 1348-49 and it started out in bubonic form and when winter hit it was mutated into a pneumonic form.

2. Bristol one of the largest cities in England at the time was a major port city, and when the plague reached the city it forced them to shut down the port and it greatly affect England's economy.

3. When the plague reached London it was devastating with 1/3rd of the population was killed by the plague.

4. The worst thing about the plague is that it spread like wildfire, so most people didn't even know about the plague until they had it themselves.

5. The people who were affected by the Black Death the most was the poor and the middle class, because they were more exposed to the germs. The reason being was that they lived basically on top of one another, so they would spread the disease very easily.

6. The most frightening thing about the Black Death was that if you were perfectly healthy during the day and when you go to sleep, you could be dead when you wake up.

7. When the plague appeared in a household the English government would seal off the house so every body inside would be sentenced to death, and they would paint a red "X" on the door. Once the family died they would take the bodies and but them in a plague pit.

8. To prevent getting sick the rich families would leave their homes and move, but the poor could not afford to move so they had to stay and be exposed.

9. King Charles II also left London and moving to Oxford and following him most of the people living in London, leaving it to be a ghost city.

10. The Black Death left England in a whole, and it took them all they had to recover from such a disaster.

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