Atmosphere : Teanna

      8 Facts about the atmosphere

#1: The atmosphere keeps in heat from the sun.

The atmosphere has different 5 different layers, the exosphere lets in some of the suns radiation and the rays that it lets in bounces off the earth and goes back up to bounce off the exosphere, and keeps the heat a perfect temperature.

#2 : The temperature from the atmosphere changes as you go higher.

The temperature goes from cold, to warm, to colder, to hotter.

The atmosphere has four different layers:


Thermosphere: fifth layer: warmer

Mesosphere: third layer: colder

Stratosphere: second layer: warm

Troposphere: first layer: cold

#3: Gases that make up most of the atmosphere:

Nitrogen : 78%

Oxygen : 21%

Other : 1%

#4: The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is another thing that keeps us warm, its also what causes global warming. It is when a factory lets off too much of these gases and gets cause in the atmosphere and makes the planet too hot. Without the greenhouse effect there planet would be a VERY cold place.

#5: How air pressure changes as you go higher.

The atmosphere is pushing down on us, therefore, as we go higher there is less of the atmosphere to push down on us. The air pressure, as you go up decreases.

#6: Why the atmosphere is important:

1) The atmosphere is made of gases we need to live

2) It protects us from radiation

3) It protects us from meteors

4) Gives us oxygen

5) The atmosphere keeps a perfect temperature

#7: What air pressure looks like:

Lets just say if you were to put a watermelon into a bag and sucked out all the air from the bag the watermelon may grow bigger or explode. Why? Because there isn't enough air in the bag so they need to make just enough room in the bag for the air particles.  And if you were to put more air into the bag the watermelon would shrink. because the air goes out of the watermelon and it wrinkles up.

#8: The differences between each layer of the atmosphere:

The exosphere is the outside layer (the last layer/ 5th layer) lets in some of the suns heat.

The thermosphere keeps the heat inside the atmosphere so it stays warm. (4th layer)

The mesosphere protects us from meteors. (3rd layer)

The stratosphere keeps in the oxygen. (2nd layer)

The troposphere produces our weather.

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