A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Some of  the most common phobias are the fear of spiders, heights, and the dark. Almost everybody has some form of a phobia. However, reactions to phobias show if a person needs treatment or not. It has been found that people usually gain the same phobias that their parents have. Some people react to spiders by getting a little nervous, while people with an extreme phobia of spiders may have trouble breathing or avoid the room they found it in. If someone acts like this, then there are a few ways to treat their fear. Some treatments have you take medicine, while others have something called "exposure therapy." Exposure therapy is when you are slowly and gradually shown more and more of your fear. When you get over seeing little bits of your fear, they add a bit more. This continues until you are over your fear! Another way to get help is to join a group of people who have the same phobia as you. You all can come up with ways to try and get over your fear as a group so you aren't alone in your efforts.


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