2nd Period:  Eric L, Daranesha S, Dajohn T, Rashaad W.

Search and Find

3100 block of Albany and Flournoy on the west side of Chicago. Police are looking for suspect because they lost him in pursuit. This is every day activity, it never gets old.

Team work makes the dream work

-Al Raby top 5 defensive linemen pushing a 55,000 lb. truck. They are showing indefinite team work and capability of not giving up.

Stretched Out

This teenage boy and his friend were in an accident. The boy was lying unconsciously in the intersection of Homan & Ohio, on the west-side of Chicago. His friend was a few feet away lying motionless coughing up blood.

Bell ring

The Hallways of Al  Raby High School  students going to class. Students are late for class, and it seems as if nobody cares

Life Style

In these photos  see how teenagers hang out some swimming having fun, during free time they play spades,  some are on the block , partying on the weekend days , playing football , and kids are at the park having fun.

Chill Day

A group of teenagers who call themselves #MoneyArmyBBC throws a pool party for their peers and the people around the neighborhood.

Cards “Spades”

In the lunch room playing cards. The card game they are playing is spades with 2 females & 2 males

Bring The Whole City Out

There are a bunch of teenagers having fun, partying with their peers on Flournoy and Spaulding and this is what we call a fiesta or a “Fee-Fee.”

Everybody deserves a break

-After a long hard day of putting work in on the field, we just needed to have a slight brake

We just Cooling

-Eric, Jeff A. an Jeff G. are just enjoying and making the best out of  the opportunity to be in the annual bud billiken Parade

Posted Up Top

-S.O.A just posted on Flournoy and Albany. Sitting and just bonding with my brothers

Game Day

Calliou, Jeff, and myself are getting on a tackle on game day at Hanson Stadium working hard trying to come out with a victory.

I am my brother’s keeper

-We all have this bond as a football team and a brotherhood the love is always going to be there and we will always be there for each other.

Home Sweet Home

My grandmother and I sitting on the front porch of Albany and Flournoy just enjoying the rest of the sunny day after my baseball game.

You Got My Back I got your back

Franklin Park photo 4

A park where kids play and enjoying thier self. Something got their attention. Some little kids was fighting at Franklin Park on 15th and kildare

Fire Photo 3

The ice house burned down on the Westside of Chicago. The smoke you can see it everywhere on half of the west side. The ice house burned down the one on fifth & Pulaski.

Beginning Of Class photo 2

When class first starts this is how students come in the class. Students talking while being in the class. Some are doing their bell ringer the teacher preparing us for the bell ringer

Family Time

Looks like we’re having fun family time. We are playing monopoly in grandma kitchen

A Few Feet Away A man past out on the west sid of Chicago on Lake and Homan.


The theme of English B is getting to know life on the other side. This story tells how the only black student in a college class has so many disadvantages while having the chance to attend this class. He’s trying to introduce his self to his professor. Everything he said was everyday life for him. The struggle with transportation. The struggle with his living arrangement. He just want to let the professor know his story while showing they still are still apart of each other.

My Theme is I have a tight bond with my team and my brothers outside of school. I know if don't have nobody i know for a fact I have them at the end of the day. We all know each other and get along. My brothers from outside and my team all know each other. We are basically just one brotherhood and we all have each other when it comes down to it. We are all One Team One Family


In my photos you will see a variety of teens having fun. You will see more stuff like the Al Raby football team also and the things that go on in Chicago, IL around my neighborhood which is Albany and Flournoy. This is explaining my life in school and outside.