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Ms. Berrisford, The Declaration, By: Madison Woznuk


The main character in my book is Anna. Anna is a girl who is a 'surplus'. Surpluses are children that have been born illegally and are taken to Grange Hall where they are tot to be a good maid or housekeeper. Anna doesn't like her parents she blames them for what happened to her. Anna wrote "I hate my parents. They broke the Declaration and didn't care about anyone else but themselves. They're in prison now. I don't know where. None of us knows anything about our parents anymore. Which is fine by me - I'd have nothing to say to them anyway."(p.g 8) She also believes that her parents didn't care about her. She wrote "I was being kept in an attic - can you believe that?", "I was probably crying because I wanted to be found. What else was I going to do - spend my life in an attic?"(p.g 11) Anna is also a fast learner and very responsible. Anna wrote "I can cook fifty dishes to top standard, and another forty to satisfactory. I'm not as good with fish as I am with meat. But I'm a good seamstress and am going to make someone a very solid housekeeper according to my last appraisal."(p.g 12) The one character that I think will cause problems for the main character is Peter. Peter is a new surplus that was found by the authorities. He told Anna that he knows her parents and he knows her last name. When Peter walks into the training session he said "You're Anna Covey, aren't you?" he said softly " I know your parents."(p.g 32)  


So far in my novel the main conflict is between Anna and Peter. The main conflict is Peter is trying to convince Anna that her parents sent him to find her.  This is hard for him because she blames her parents for everything that has happened to her.  Peter has said things that makes me believe that he has met Anna's parents before. One of the things is he always calls her is 'Anna Covey', which I believe he found out from her parents. When Peter called her 'Anna Covey' she said "Please don't use words from the Outside in Grange Hall, and please don't pretend that you know my parents, because as far as I'm concerned I don't have any."(p.g 35) Another thing he knew about her was that she had a birthmark on her stomach. When Peter came into her dormitory one night he said " 'You have a birthmark on your stomach,' he whispered softly. 'It looks a bit like a butterfly.' "(p.g 48) I think this conflict could be resolved if Anna starts believing what Peters saying about her parents. Another way it could be resolved is if Peter gets in trouble by Anna telling Mrs. Pungent about what he's been saying. If I was in Anna's spot I wouldn't believe him either. You would have been there since you were two and a half and you would have believe everything they told you because you don't know any better. So I would probably acted the same way Anna is acting.

                                                                   Social Issues

The social issue in my novel is that the authorities/government have made it illegal to have children. If you do have a child and the authorities find it they will take it. They will take them to Grange Hall where they will force them to learn how to be a good maid or housekeeper. This affects Anna because she is one of the surplus that was taken from her parents when she was two years old. Anna has been at Grange Hall for almost her whole life so she believes everything they have told her. Peter has been trying to convince Anna that Mrs. Pincent doesn't care about her and that Grange Hall isn't the place she thinks it is. Anna finally started believing Peter when she heard Mrs. Pincent talking on the phone about her. Mrs. Pincent said "Stupid girl's got no mind of her own, she's been indoctrinated so well"(p.g 123). Anna also heard Mrs. Pincent say "what matters is that I want rid of him"(p.g 123). When Anna heard this she knew Mrs. Pincent was talking about Peter. This made Anna trust him and wanting to escape from Grange Hall with him. I have not encountered this issue in my own life because its not illegal to have children. This is the social issue in my novel The Declaration.

                                                  Every choice has a consequence

One of the good choices Anna made in the novel is that she ended up trusting Peter. I think it was a great choice trusting him because they both got out of Grange Hall and Anna was reunited with her parents. Another good choice she made was trusting Mrs. Sharpe. Mrs. Sharpe really helped Peter and Anna out. She got rid of the Catchers that would have found them in the sled. A quote from the story is " 'I trust Mrs. Sharpe,' she said, squeezing him for good measure. 'And she didn't let the Catchers find us'."(p.g 205) Mrs. Sharpe also cleaned up Peter's wound and gave them fresh clothes. The quote from the novel is " They were clean, they were dressed, Peter's leg was bandaged up, and now they were eating."(p.g 209) One of the bad choices Anna made was keeping her journal. This was a bad choice because she ended up writing down her and Peter's plan on their escape from Grange Hall and Shelia ended up finding it. A quote from the novel is " She pulled out Anna's journal, the softest, pinkest thing that Sheila had ever seen. She opened the book and began to read."(p.g 145) I think Anna was the master of her own fate. She decided to escape from Grange Hall with Peter. If she didn't escape she would have still been at Grange Hall and probably would have started a housekeeping job and would have never met her parents or her little brother. I think Anna made great choices in the Novel The Declaration.

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