221 BC-206 BC

The QIN dynasty was the the first imperial dynasty of China,lasting from 221 BC to 206 BC.The first emperor not only unified China, but went about standardizing writing, weights, and measures throughout his kingdom.Despite its military strength, the Qin dynasty did not last long. When the first emperor died in 210 BC, his son was placed on the throne by two of the previous emperor's advisers, in an attempt to influence and control the administration of the entire dynasty through him.the Qin accomplished a series of swift conquests, first ending the powerless Zhou dynasty, and eventually conquering the other six of the seven warring stats, to gain control over the whole of China.The advisors squabbled among themselves, however, which resulted in both their deaths and that of the second Qin emperoor.Popular revolt broke out a few years later!!!!!!!!

the QIN dynasty in 221 BC

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