this is Sackbot

What tasks do you think he preforms? he delivers snacks to people like the name imply.

Where does he work you ask? He will one day work in most offices in the world.

What his work envelope? He has no joints but he can turn 360 degrees on his wheels.

How was he thought to do this task? He was programmed to do this by someone in the office of Carnegie Univ.

Is robots end effector multi-functional? The answer is no its only purpose is to deliver snacks.

Does the robot have sensors? it does and it has a sound and movement sensor that it uses to move through areas.

What are some of the advantages to using this robot? Some of the advantages are that you don't have to hire someone to do this, and also someone doesn't have to stop there work to get something, the robot can get it. And it would let people work more because they don't have to get up

What are some of the disadvantages to using this robot? there is no human action in this process, and also it could mess up, or malfunction.

What kind of an impact could this robot have on people? It could make them want to move to the robot age more.

What kind of jobs can this robot create for people? It can create a job at a factory for every piece of the robot needed to make it.

How could this robot be modded to do other things? They could make the robot be a alarm/reminder of something, like for example if you have a meeting you can tell the bot and it will remind you.

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