Boulder to Bits

  Hi all you listeners. I am Bazooka Boulder , or at least I used to be. Now I am clay on the Earth's surface. Here's how I came to be the clay I am today.

  It all started on a day that was raining , but I was outside playing with my friend, Bob. We were laying under a tree by the stream when all of a sudden, parts of me started cracking and weathering from the water. Soon we were being eroded down the stream. Then the worst came.

  The stream deposited us at the top of a waterfall and we were soon flying down! Then when we fell we broke even more into gravel. We decided to rest but then something else happened. Our other friends, Bubbles and Pamela fell down on us and weathered us into pebbles. Then we were taken through the water and  deposited onto the sand and Bob said " Bazooka, we should rest for the night." I nodded my head in agreement . When we went out in the water, we noticed the water had gotten into us and now we were sand. Then we went down the beach and soaked in the water but then we got crushed even more and now we were silt. Then we got really stick and weathered, eroded and deposited even more into sticky clay.

   All you youngsters out there, I traveled millions of miles and it was a hard trek going through 7 different phases on my journey and millions of years. Thanks for listening to my Boulder to Bits story!