College and Career Project
4th period
Hannah Shedd

Florida State University

Florida State University was established in January of 1851. Florida State University is one of the largest and oldest college in the State University System of Florida. At first Florida State was a men's school named Florida Institute. Then in the year 1848 it was a female college named Tallahassee Female Academy. Then, in the year 1947, the college went back to its original coeducational status as Florida State University.

I want to go to Florida State University to get an education as a Kindergarten Teacher. I want to go to this specific college because it's ranked as one of the best. I want to go to this college because I feel that it's very diverse.

Campus Life

When students are not studying or doing classwork, they are relaxing with friends in one of the 14 residence halls. Students are allowed to go to the movies for free, go bowling, and attend one of the universities many athletic and artistic events and are allowed to attend much more. Students also have access to many resources that will keep them healthy and safe like the state-of-the-art fitness facility and on-campus health center.

My Career

I want to go to college to get an education as a preschool or Kindergarten Teacher. I want to teach little kids because I realized that at home I love to help my younger siblings with their homework. I want this career because I love to teach younger children new things. I love the feeling when younger kids learn from the things I taught them. I also love to be able to interact with younger children.

I want to pursue in career in education to get a better idea of the things I can not only teach my children at a young age, but also to be able to teach other children the exact same things. I want to be the one that the children can look to for help with their schoolwork. I also want to be able to do little hands-on activities so that they can learn and get a better idea of what I teach them. I realized that I wanted this career when my little brother, who just turned 6 in February, was born.

Letter Of Intent

Hannah Shedd

3816 Tierra Fiji Lane

El Paso, Texas 79938




14230 Edgemere Boulevard

El Paso, Texas 79938

To whom it may concern:

I am responding to the employment hiring opportunity offered on your window. I am sending this because I am highly interested in the job. I feel my time management skill and ability to get along with other people would prove to be a perfect person for the organizations job. I am very willing and eager to earn new things provided by the company. I feel that being very willing to learn would make me a great person for the position. I appreciate your consideration and would like to meet with you to talk more about the jobs and positions that are opened that my skills are a good fit for.


Hannah Shedd


Hannah Shedd

Career Objective

My goal is to complete high school with my graduating class and go to college to pursue a career in education.


Jan. 15 - Present

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy
El Paso, Texas

»I currently go to El Dorado 9th Grade Academy, but next year it will be Pebble Hills High School

Aug. 12 - May 14

Carbon Hill Elementry Junior High School
7th and 8th grade
Carbon Hill, Alabama

Work Experience

Sept. 12 - May 14

Crystal Pratt
Carbon Hill, Alabama

» During the summer, I babysat my younger siblings while my parents were at work during the day. My parents would pay me about 10 dollars each day.

Volunteer Experiences

June 14 - July 14

Junior Enlisted
El Paso, Texas

» I used to volunteer along with my Nana at Junior Enlisted located on Fort Bliss. I would help sort out and hang up clothes, sort out shoe sizes, and help clean up after the little kids that would play with the toys.

Awards & Certificates


A Honor Roll (May 14)


Leadership Award (May 13)

Extracurricular Activities


Hobbies & Interests

Softball, Reading

Skills & Abilities


Organized, Time Management

Description of Job

Being a Kindergarten Teacher requires you to have a a minimum of a bachelors degree but some require you to have masters degree or doctorate degree. Kindergarten Teachers usually work with children between the ages of 4-6 year olds. Kindergarten Teachers need to understand how children learn and develop not just mentally, but physically, socially, and emotionally. Kindergarten Teachers are trained to make educational games that are fun to help the children learn. Kindergarten Teachers need to be creative and plan activities resourcefully to help the kids learn and build their self-esteem as well as keeping them interested and motivated. Most Kindergarten Teachers use creative activities such as art to help the kids express themselves. Full-time Teachers work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. In a playground or classroom, Teachers attend many students at once. Earnings for this job vary from the type of education you have to the experience. In general, wages are from minimum wage to more than 14 dollars an hour. The starting wage per hour is 9 dollars and 50 cents and annually you make $19,760. The experienced wage is $14.07 per hour and annually you make $29,270.

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