Paintball gunz

by Braelen and Orlando

paintball guns are used today for shooting people with paint
paintball guns come in different designs,colors,shapes,and sizes

Paintball guns were originally used to mark trees, but now they are used to shoot people with paint,and for fun

some people play paintball at special places like splat zone
paintball guns were invented by the nelson paint company in the early 1970's

positive fact: paintball guns let people have fun by shooting friends with paint because you can't shoot them with real bullets

negative fact: People can shoot you back with real bullets if you shoot them with a paintball if they wanted

mcdonalds color paintball guns

a quote from the inventors:I think paintball guns have the potential to be real accurate markers like i see true potential in the tiberius T9 because of the way it is magazine fed im sure it would be possible to create a conical shaped paintball and load it into the magazine sort of like the first strike rounds but look more like an actual bullet and use rifling in the barrel. It might be possible to get shots up to 150 yards if you up the velocity to 300 FPS just my two cents I may be wrong about the physics but its just me

cool gunz

Some innovations are the look, color, and ammo

Environmental area of technology because the true purpose was to mark trees and trees are a part of the environment

Paintball gun Making a gun that doesn’t shoot real bullets Making the gun be able to shoot with the trigger with all of that force Getting all of the parts together and making the paintball gun Making the capacity of ammo it can hold

Recources: Google images and knowledge

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