Scholarship Persuasive Essay

The world is filled with good and bad people, there's no way around it, yet we've been able to manage a balance even for short periods of time. If everyone becomes bad, then no one is. It's only when the difference between each other that we see the good and bad.

In many cases, the world has been subject of too much "good" and "bad", that we haven't been able to see that we need a balance for it to be good. There's a difference between good and controlled. We need good people to see that wearing a badge doesn't mean you're doing the right thing. You don't need to wear a badge to protect the people you love and the items you cherish, doing the right thing is enough to do both things. Without good people, families and friends are put in danger. Yet, with good people, this can be prevented and keep everyone protected.

Although there are many problems that can happen against the innocent, we can't forget what we're fighting to protect and prevent. Theft, rape, and murder are what we keep from getting out of hand and trying to keep from happening. We all know that it's gotta to be tough, but it's got to be somebody, so why not you? We can all become those good people with the simple act of lending a hand or helping someone in distress, so lend that hand.

Now here's where the difference between good and order comes into play. There are many people who believe that what they're doing is good which sometimes it can be, but can also be the complete opposite. From the point of view of the taken actions and even the manipulation of others can change the perspective of the good to bad. There was this comic that created an advanced AI to protect the human race called Ultron. Ultron's only way of protecting the human race was to destroy it, seeing that our history consists of battles to achieve piece. The bad can take order and enforce it with fear, which is what the good are trying to prevent.

The world needs good people like your body needs water when you've had something too salty, to counter-act the change in the body. We are the water that's trying to balance the salt concentration. The world needs good people the same reason way bad people need good, to maintain it's balance.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Brian Lopez as a candidate to your game development opening. Working here at Blizzard has our head assistant in game development has given our company a huge advantage in production. Being that he's very experienced in knowing the interests of gamers of all ages, he has increases the quality of game play, story, and even fixing entire sections of a game that may seem like a giant leap but was worth the trip.

Mr. Lopez here is very friendly and hard working, taking initiative when working on larger scale projects and influencing groups to do the right thing. During his time working with in our development agency, Mr. Lopez has given us the please of calling him one of our own, yet sadly due to family concerns has to relocate. Taking Mr.Lopez here would not be a mistake i guarantee you. Although not too soft on the eyes, is probably the most likable person you'd meet. Always willing to help, and lend advice, Mr. Lopez is also a great person outside of the work place, looking to cheer up his coworkers when he gets the chance to make the work load just the slightest bit easier.

Yours truly,

Matthew Kaai Sianez

Letter of Intent

                                                          Anderson, Neo T

                                                          4231 Rainbow Rd.

                                                       New York City, 72139

May 18th, 2015

James, Floyd Patterson, Game Developer

Video Game Designer

2134 Matrix ave.

New York City, 72138

Dear Mr.James Floyd Patterson,

  I feel like i would be great for your open position of game tester/improver being that I've played games my whole life. My whole life of playing has given me perspective on what a player of a certain age/genre likes. Being very open to newer games and styles, gives me the opportunity to expand the knowledge of the company and other employees. My history of gaming gives the company an advantage of what we should incorporate in our games in order to attract newer audiences.

  My target goal is to improve and assist in a games creation to the best of my abilities. The past jobs I've had, have given me the experience in how to make games better. Providing tips and tricks to improve game play through how I believe a game could go better. I've been told that I'm very persistent, and can do my absolute best to do the job right, I won't let you down.



3134 Rainbow Rd.


Be the very best, like no one ever was, to catch them all is my test, to train them is my cause.


Lujan Chavez Elementary                    5 years

Paso Del Norte middle/elementary      4 years

El Dorado high School                         4 years


2007- 2011       Dog Catcher

Company: Biscuit Baters

Purpose: To keep dogs in check and out of harm and to protect other people from out of hand animals.


Animal whisperer Good tamer Friendly with animalsAgile

Job Application