Anti-Bullying Posters in the Cafeteria

The good and the bad

...The Good

It's neat and has a clear message that can be used in all aspects of bullying, whether it be bullying that occurs online or in person.

It is neat and easy read which is key to having an effective poster.

It's simple but gets the job done.


...The Good

This poster has good art on it and it conveys a good clear message.

It's neat and it does relate to people because it has Batman on it and it helps people kind of relate to the poster.


...The Bad

Doesn't really have too much art on it and it it's kind of hard to read in some spots.

It is more of a statistic chart than an anti-bullying poster


....The Bad

  • I got an error when trying to import but it's the one that talks about bullying through texting and it is near the Coexist poster.

It doesn't really say what to do when being bullied, and it doesn't actually have a slogan it just says "True Life".

The is some art that is on it. It had 2 drawings of IPhone's on it.

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