Government Control:Technology

Karina Zavala

Government can track all phone calls throughout the whole United states.

People protesting against the NSA (national security agency) its been found by news reports in may 2006 and from several members of congress and revealed that the NSA has also received wholesale copies of American's telephone and communication records. Which by the way are all in violation of the privacy safeguards established by congress as well as the US Constitution.

At&t has been one of the suspects of the NSA that has said to be paired together to help them collect all the calling data from all Americans in the United States.

The FBI found a way to hack into peoples computers. Its suggested to cover up your camera with a bad aid or simply keep it closed so they wouldn't have that sort of access.Its been said that they can turn your webcams on with out turning on the green light which indicates you are being recorded and can also turn the sound on to hear conversations etc.

Shows how the NSA is being questioned about what they do and denying it to congress.

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