'Europeans perspective'

By mz
(Marlyn Suhey Zuno Rivera)
World History k7
march 27, 2014

1) Why was Jerusalem so important to Europeans?

2) The reason of the crusades based on European's point of view?

European crusaders where willing to risk their lives mainly for religious reasons; but some individuals have other reasons. Primarily they went to take over or stay with the 'Holy land'. Jerusalem was consider 'Holy Land' because it was the place where Jesus had spent most of his life and where he was crucified. In this time, people who where in a low position in the Feudal Europe pyramid; joined the crusade with hope to be moved-up in the pyramid or to gain honor. Others hoped to wished to escape problems , win land or search for a new adventure. Europeans as well craved to win the crusade , to gain wealth and land; this way they could recover from their 'Darkest age'.

3) The effects of crusades on Europeans?

Crusades had different and many effects on Europeans. One effect is that this crusade brought down power of feudal government; on the other hand the wealth of the church grew. Also crusaders brought to europe many Asian goods; for example rice, cane , sugar, cloth etc. This meant that with the 1st crusade, trading increased. According to McDougal littell, " Another legacy of the crusades was the rising of hostility toward Jews".  With the crusade Europeans were able to recover from the 'Dark age'.              As you can see the crusade had more positive effects on europeans.

4)Europeans perspective on other groups?

The europeans perceived all groups differently.


Europeans perceived muslims as a weak enemy. "Muslims... had an infighting between Sunni Selijuk Turks (Burruel,2014)". For this reason, Europeans considered Muslims as incapacitated to win or be a rival on the crusade. Europeans seemed them as inferior to them.


Europeans didn't take Jews to much in consideration because of the fact that they didn't believe in Jesus or Christianity. And the only reason why they joined the crusade was because christianity was born around judaism. Europeans perceived them as inferior.


At the very beginning of the crusade , europeans perceived Byzantine as a threat and rival. Europeans thought of them as superior. Later on Europeans wanted to become allies with them by asking the pope for christian Knights.

If your trying to find correct and explanatory information click on the links. These links could help you clear questions out ,are trusty sources and easy to navigate on.

This video from BBC history is a trusty documentary that explains really deeply and reveals details of the 1st crusade; a battle for jerusalem... watch the video!

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