Grade k-2

mobile Apps for grade k-2 students.

Here is a list of 5 different apps that I would reccomend using in your grade 2-3 classrooms!

App #1:
Martha Speaks Dog Party

Martha speaks dog party is a fun app for kids. Created by PBS kids, based on on of their popular cartoon character Marta the talking dog it is an app that helps children with literacy and understand many everyday words. There are fun mini games to play that include 36 words to learn.

It is available in iTunes for $0.99

App #2:
Free Kids Counting Game

This free counting game is a great app for younger children or children who learn best with visual aid. There are a bunch of different counting levels and theme pages to play with. It can help keep interest while getting the task of counting done.

APp #3:
Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an partner app that works with schools. You sign in and connect with your schools account. It is designed for students to read take quizzes at school and give real time feedback on progress. It can be tailors to different reading levels with access to hundreds of different books.

Free for anyone to use as long as school has a licensed subscription to the app.

App #4:
Blobble Write HD

Blobble Write HD is a free writing app intended for younger students or students who need help with writing letters and numbers. This app is intended for iPads to utilize the larger screens to make the numbers and letters easier to trace. It has fun and bright graphics to help keep kids interested longer.

App #5:
Feel Clock

The Feel Clock app is another great free app for helping teach the younger children. Is it an app to learn how to tell time by using both an analog and digital clock interchangeably and determining the time of day as the sky changes with the time lapse between am to pm.

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