College and Career

Nicole Vasquez

2nd period

Berkeley University would be a great university for me because there are many majors and the major I want to study is there too. Also they have many fun events and things to do. I also want to go because it is a great school and it will really help me.

This University of Berkeley is one of the highest ranked universities  in U.S news. It occupies 1,232 acres on the eastern side of San Francisco. And was establishes in 1868, also it offers about 350 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Their mascot is a golden bear and the names is Oski. Also in 1873, the university moved to San Francisco. And when it barely opened there were only 40 students.

Berkeley Location

Virtual Tour


College Admission

Admission Requirements

To get accepted to Berkeley they don't need SAT scores anymore. But you do have to take a pre-test for some majors so they can make sure that you know what you're doing. You need a GPA of 3.0 if you live in California and a 3.4 GPA if you're an out-of-state student. And also you have to make and account for Berkeley.

Campus Life

There are over 35,000 students from around the world. There are also many events that happen there and there are attractions too. Like there is and art museum, botanical garden, California memorial stadium, and Cal performances. For the events there are dance recitals. There is also a cafe and many places to dine. So you will have fun and enjoy being there.

career: Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is a lawyer that defends or prosecutes people that were accused of serious crimes, such as murder, robbery, assault, or fraud. To be a criminal lawyer you have to argue about complex issues. Criminal lawyers are usually under a lot of pressure from the public.

To become a lawyer you need to take classes on english, history, and law. You must also go to law school and complete a law degree. Most lawyers earn from $50,000 to $250,000 a year. They also get a national median income of about $113,00. As of right now in Texas, there are many lawyers needed.

Criminal Lawyer images

Criminal Lawyer Salary

In one year you can get $50,000 to $250,000. But how much money you get depends on what position you're in. If you're in entry wage you get $37.42 an hour. If you are in the median wage, you get $55.51 an hour. And you're in the experienced wage, you win $83.91 an hour. You will also spend most of your time in an office or inside a court room. Criminal Lawyers usually work about 9 hours a day and 50 hours a week

Primary Source

In career cruising Candice said that criminal lawyers have to work well in front of public and have to react fast. They also have to work well under pressure. And you have to always remember court dates and be very organized. Also most prosecutors do have their positions for life. The demand for criminal lawyer will probably increase because poverty and drug addiction are still taking place. Also some lawyers work from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..  

Letter of Intent

Nicole A. Vasquez

3725 Exodus

El Paso TX, 79936



Forever 21

8401 Gateway Blvd W

El Paso TX, 79925

To whom it may concern:

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on you website. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest in applying for the cashier position. I feel that my people skills would prove to be an asset for your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience for the real world and it will help me become a lawyer. Here are some of my strengths that I would bring to this position. I feel that my communication skills would really help me in this position because it will help me communicate with the customers like I did in my speech class. Also my eagerness to learn new things will help me in this position, like I had in class. I am confident that these qualities make me an excellent candidate for the cashier position.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials, and I welcome the chance to meet with you and hear more about your company, the requirements to be a cashier, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Nicole A. Vasquez


Career Objectives

I'm looking for a job to gain job experience for my career

Education History

July 2014 - To Present

El Dorado Ninth Grade Academy
El Paso, Texas

Work Experience

Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2013

Selling Things
El Paso, Texas

» I helped sell concessions to raise money for sports.

Volunteer Experience

Nov. 2014 - Nov. 2014

Marathon kids
El Paso, Texas

Awards & Certificates

» A-B honoral (May 2013)

Extracurricular Activities


Skills & Abilities

» Good communicator
» Team playe

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