What Put You At High Risk of Getting Infected with HIV?

Have unprotected sex

Anthother situation which is easy to be passed on HIV virus. When you have an unprotected sex with your partner, it may be at the high risk of being infected with HIV. Thus, in order to protect your safety, your partner's safety and your baby's health, it is important and imperative for you to know your HIV status at any time. And of course, getting HIV test is the best way for you to know your HIV status.

Get oneself pierced or tattooed

In addition, there is a kind of trend which more and more people are purchsing to have themselves pierced or tattooed. They think it look cool when there are some butterfly tatoos on their different part of body. But, they forget one thing. During the process of having themseles pierced or tattooed, it is at high risk of getting involving with the virus of HIV. Therefore, if you want to have yourself pierced or tattooed, you have to make sure that the tools they use should be antiseptic and without carry on the virus of HIV.

Donate blood

There are some people who are always ready to help others. If there are some chance for them to donate their blood, they may go to donate their blood without any hesitation. Sometimes, they even don't clear whether the orgnization or hospital is licensed or not. With doubt that it is really a good thing to donate your blood for those who really in need. But, you have to make sure that they are regular orgnizations or hospital when draw your blood. Because they can make sure that the needle no harm for you. Otherwise, If someone has a blood transfusion in some place which is lack of business license or its requirement isn't stringent, the virus of HIV may be easily passed on you.