Emergency Room Nurses

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Emergency Room (ER) Nurses work in the critical care emergency facilities to assist doctors and work with emergency medical technicians in helping people in pain and possible life-threatening trauma.

Required Skills

Quick thinking, decisive action and a strong stomach, are just three of the basic things you'll need to be an ER nurse. They are also required to work as a team with other medical fields. Dedication is important for the long work hours required.

Educational Requirements

Emergency nurses, have a long and hard working career ahead of them, which means lots of school work and preparation needs to be done. An Associates Degree in nursing, certification from an approved nursing school or attending a university and getting your BSN is required before becoming a nurse.

Many science classes need to be taken, along with high math classes.


Depending on how much overtime you work, if you get a bonus, and if you do the job right, your salary will vary. The lowest salary recorded was $44,870, which was for the people doing no overtime and that had no bonus. But, for the people that work some overtime and have an occasional bonus, they'll make somewhere around $71,329. For head nurses working in the ER, that went through all their schooling at once, and that do overtime on a regular basis and that get a bonus more than often make around $101,437.

Future Outlook

Emergency nurses have a lot going for them. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will pay off. A lot of time will be taken,so having a family with young children that need lots of attention isn't the best idea.

But, throughout the years, when computers take over most of the jobs in the world, like banking, teaching, auto mechanics, etc., nursing will be a field that people will still need to take care of, and that would take a long time for robots to perfect the career.


ER nursing gives travel nursing assignments as well as a wide range of benefits~ free housing, expense compensation, free liability insurance and free health insurance, depending on what state and city you are working in.

Similar Careers

Different types of nursing are offered. The closest to an ER nurse would have to be a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Home Health Aide, Medical Assistant and a Pharmacy Technician, because most of the same classes are required in these fields.

Why this career?

I love to help people and having this career, will let me help people the way I want to help them, while also making a reasonable pay doing something I love.


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