Messi can Hardly Understand Why the Domestic Media Criticizes Me

Messi has been treated as a savior by Argentina fans, but after the defeat of Argentina in the World Cup in South Africa, fleas became enemies of the state. FIFA 14 XBOX 360 Coins Argentine media and fans are accustomed to blame Messi, and fleas for a time are under tremendous pressure. In one new book called The Patriot- Messi, fleas frankly said this criticism is unjust, he will be crazed with Argentina forever.

Messi was not satisfied with previously criticism. "I have often been commented. For example, I did not show the desire to win in the national team , I do not sing the national anthem. I was very sad for this. These assessments are not fair. Sometimes it makes me think if it is my problems, such as the team situation in the worst times, my remorse lasted only a moment. I need to respond with action , then continue forward. When will I become better ? why Argentina have not been able to win the championship? Sometimes I can not understand why people would say those things , it makes me feel hard to answer."

Messi has won the Spanish team 's invitation, but he rejected. "When I was a kid , I expect to receive a phone from Argentine Football Association. In an informal setting, someone invited me to join the Spanish team but I always stressed that I wanted to work for Argentina because I love Argentina, I can only feel the blue and white of Argentina."

Messi has a deep love for Argentina: "I will appear there when Argentina team needs me. I am grateful to Argentina to allow me to do everything. I am now again been recognized by the public. They valued the way I play. I will work hard to continue to grow with a dream to win for the country and I look forward to mostly seeing Argentina's victory."

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