Marilyn Monroe

What they’re famous for:

Acting, modeling, singing, and film production


The third child in her family, father having left and her mother extremely unstable, she and her older sisters were placed in a foster care for 7 years, then declared a ward of the state. Her mothers best friend later became her guardian, but that didn't last long due to her getting married to a man that didn't want children. By 9 she was back in foster care and spent a large amount of her childhood going from home to home.  Later she moved back in with her mothers friend and her husband, along with the husbands other daughter, but she left quickly due to many attempted sexual assaults. She moved in with her Great-Aunt, which turned out a little better, but not by much. The only truly happy home she had ever been in was that of her Aunt Ana, who died within a few years from sickness. She had to move back in with her mothers friend once more, going to collage where she and a man started dating. It soon became a marriage, but he soon had to go off to war. She begged him to get her pregnant in hope that would make sure he came back, but he said no because she was still quite young.

She began working in plane production for the war effort, where a man taking pictures to encourage women to join suggested she be a model. She soon signed with a company, dying her hair blonde. She became extremely successful in a short amount of time. She changed her name to Marilyn Monroe when she got into acting with 20th Century Fox. She was also majorly responsible for the Success of Playboy Magazine. She was often criticized for her sexuality and crudeness, many knocking her down to 'just a dumb blonde', though in reality she was rather shy, sharp and intelligent. She thrived off the public's view of her, using it and her ambition to get publicity and new roles.

She had 3 marriages, many relationships and affairs, reportedly even with the president himself.

What led to he drug use:

Depression, insomnia, stress, genetics and her childhood

When it began:

Many of the only sources I could find about her specific drug use were gossip blogs and tabloids. There was plenty of evidence of alcohol use throughout her life, and she had been going to psychiatrist for help. She had insomnia and often heard things that weren't there, also suffering an abusive childhood and stress from media. She did seek help which ultimately led to her death, her doctor prescribing too many pills at once. She became dependent on drugs to cure her insomnia, and had to have her stomach pumped more than once on set.

The types of drugs:

Barbiturate (sleeping pills)

She died at 36 by overdose, but they still aren't really sure it wasn't a murder, Has the most conspiracy theories of all time surrounding it. While she was struggling with depression, many who worked with her claimed she wasn't in a low at the time, and the police and witnesses changed their story many times before it was dropped completely. There was no residue or damage to the stomach/intestines that would normally occur. Any major evidence was destroyed, including her organs and pictures of the crime scene.

  • Barbiturate: Used for insomnia, migraines and anxiety, it affect your nervous system, giving a sort of numbing effect. It can be very addictive if the patients aren't monitored. It's also used for assisted suicide where legal.
  • Mental: Slowed thoughts and doing things you usually would never do, the user also often become dependent on it.
  • Physical: Sluggishness, slowed thoughts and speech, nausea, in-coordination, faulty judgement, drowsiness, shallow breathing, staggering, and comas or death. Effects smooth muscle quickly, which can cause heart and digestive problems.
  • Emotional: Usually the people who used barbiturate used it to cure emotional issues, as it is relaxing and euphoric. It can lead to dependence and mood swings when quit cold-turkey.