Sophia's Journey

Kiara Koschitzki

Secrets in the fire is a book about a young girl named Sophia who had to escape from the small village because the bandits came and killed most people there. She, her mother and her sister set off not knowing where they were going but had to get away from the bandits. Until they had to stop walking and finally settled down in a small town where Lydia could work and the girls could go to school. Sophia made a promise to Maria that she would get her a white dress just like the one they left behind. Maria never took the dress off and the family were as happy they had been in a long time, everything was starting to get back to normal. Until one day when Sophia and Maria were walking to the fields to help Lydia and Sophia took a step not even a meter off the path and stood on a landmine. After this Sophia and Maria ended up in hospital in the big city. Maria had extreme internal injuries and ended up dying. Sophia had not so bad injuries but she had to get both of her legs cut off which resulted in two artificial legs. Sophia had to stay in the city away from her family for a long time because she needed to learn to walk again. When she finally got to go home she had a new little brother. And a new step dad. Her step dad was abusive and Lydia, Alfredo and Sophia were all scared of him. Sophia was sick of it so she walked to the city so she could be happier. She didnt know where to go so she went with the doctor the operated on her. Dr Raul. Dr Raul wasnt sure what to do so he had to ask his night guard Sulemane who gave really good advice. Sophia lived with Dr Raul for a few days and then moved in with Sulmane's sister Hermengarda who gave her a job with the women up the road her sewed, Sophia loved to sew so she loved it there.

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