A new day

I wake up for the day. I go and find my outfit for the day. I do my hair and brush my teeth. I find my keys and go to school. In the morning i start the day off with first period. Its an a day today so it starts off with health science.The teacher is very nice and a good teacher we learn about the body system and how to take care of people. After that the bell rings i am off to second period. Which is U.S history we learn about old wars and the history of the United States of America.  The bell rings again and its time for  lunch. I go eat on the bardwell commons. I get in line and get a chicken sandwich and hand over my three dollars for lunch. Then i go to my table and eat. The bell rings and now its third period. Now i am in dim (digital inter media) there we learn how to photo-shop. I log in to my computer and we get an assignment usually we have to move one object of a photo to another photo. After that is done we wait for the bell to ring. The bell rings and i go to advisory. I am not really assigned anything in advisory but just to relax. Its a class to catch up on any work that i am missing if i don't have anything to do the teacher just lets us hang out. We stay in there for 30 minutes. Now its the end of the day and now we go to fifth period the last period of the day . My fifth period is math models. In math models its more of a reminder of how to do algebra work. The teacher makes us take good notes and after notes we have a assignment. Usually its group work. Then my school day is over.    

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