Brighton Beach Memoirs                                   by James Rivera

           The Great Depression began in 1929, when the stock market crashed in October. Wall street lost millions of investors and went into panic. Later, people began to stop purchasing products and and didn't invest money. Company's began to fire employees and more and more people were unemployed. The highest amount of unemployed was on the year 1933 where there were 13 to 15 million unemployed. The great depression continued until the year 1939, which was the year the war started and kicked American industry into high gear.

Tuition in the 1930s for Penn university was 400. The price for room and boards and necessities was a total of about 800. Back then college was cheap and a little easier to get into. The mascot of Penn is a Quaker and it participates in football games.

One gallon of gas cost about 10 cents.

Bananas were 19 cents per 4 pounds

Spinach was 5 cents per pound

The cost of a new car was $640

The cost of a new house was about $7,145

Dear Mr. Stroheim

        I want to apologize for sweeping the dirt on your shoes. I did it because I didn't think what you were doing was right. I know now that I should mind my own business and let you do whatever you want to do in your building. I will never sweep the dirt on your shoes again.

        I apologize and need to say that I need this job. My father had a heart attack and he cant work anymore. Well at least for a couple of weeks until he gets better. For those weeks my family is looking up to me to get all the money so that we could eat and have a roof over our heads.

        If I don't get this job back my family will look down at me. The will not want anything to do with me and not want me at the house. So with my dad out and me being the one who needs to pay for everything I ask you please let me have this job back. I really need it and my family needs it. Even before my dad got sick I still had to give money to pay for some of the resources that we need.

The opening date for "The Lion King" was November 13, 1997

Average cost was $94.05

It has a total of 7263 since April 2015

Makes almost a total of 3,000,000 a week

          My favorite part of the book was when the family was talking in the kitchen because they all got to talk about what was on their minds and became closer as a family. My favorite character was jack because I could relate to him the most. I think people should read or listen to the play because it is really good and it will let you see how families felt during The Great Depression.

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