Selfie Stick with Bluetooth – Truly the Tool of Narcissus

To the wildfire tidal wave of selfie revolution that has ruthlessly started to chivvy those still untouched by its spray, the selfie-stick revolution has proved to be an insufferable catalyst. Just when one arm’s length proved to be insufficient to capture that perfect pout, someone somewhere came out with a selfie-stick to the rescue. In fact, the selfie-stick might even get nominated for “most popular invention” of the decade.

As if the stick itself wasn’t enough, inventors went ahead and coupled more technology to it – voila, a selfie stick with Bluetooth. The reason to couple Bluetooth to a selfie-stick is a simple one to understand. Until the time this stick was still not invented, people used their arms for selfies. Their fingers could access the controls on the devices they held for picture-taking. Now with the advent of a selfie-stick, this became a complex task. Having to hold out the stick with one of your arms, trying to operate the remote-controls with the other – it became…scattered, to say the least. Quickly and efficiently, Bluetooth came to save the day. Now the other arm does not need to get involved in any selfie business whatsoever. It can dangle freely without a care in the world.

What Bluetooth adds to a selfie-stick is connectivity to the user’s Android/Apple device, which enables the user to access the “shoot” function on his/her device through a button on the selfie-stick. This button is, of course, strategically placed in the thumb area of the stick. A Bluetooth enabled selfie-stick is an atrociously easy thing to use for the spectacularly creative selfies it makes possible. It leaves no room for wondering why such an invention caught-on with overzealousness with the populace. Not to mention the constantly stocking-out warehouses of selfie-stick manufacturers – come festive season, everyone wants a stick. The first thing people prepare is a camera and a selfie-stick. Some online stores are even known to have put these sticks up for pre-order after they’d stocked-out on their wares. This is the situation.

On the note of convenience, selfie-stick (Bluetooth) is not the only variety out there. There are sticks which have a jack that you can insert into the earphones socket of your device. With this, the same ease of “shoot” function access through a button on the stick is made available to the user. Considering the fact that not all jack-socket pairs necessarily match, you might have to pay extra attention to the socket dimensions on your device. So chuck this jack-socket thing aside and just go for a Bluetooth selfie-stick.

Typical length of a selfie-stick varies from 12-inches to 45-inches. With a stick that long, a professional selfie-man can easily fit at least 50 people inside the frame. This stick has become a staple item at wedding parties, birthday parties, pool parties and all sorts of gatherings. People take a gazillion selfies, and the next day bombard social media websites with these hash-tagged pictures.

Someone with an extreme insight has renamed the selfie-stick very aptly – “The Narcissistick.” You can read more about this on the web.

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