Alexis Chiera

What is a lipase? The Substrate?

A Lipase is a protein enzyme that helps the body absorb fat.
The Lipase is a substrate of a Lipid.

Where do Lipase Come from? What does a lipase create?

Lipase originate in the stomach by a combination of cells.

After the Lipase breaks down and catabolizes the lipid, the products are:
Fatty Acids & Glycerol

Reaction and its importance

Lipase' break down and break the bonds between fatty acids and glycerol.
Lipase' break downs play a major role in how people live and function.
Lipase "convert the insoluble fats into soluble form, so that they can be properly digested and assimilated."

optimum temperature and pH for a lipase

The Optimum Temp. for a Lipase is: 37 degrees Celsius - 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
The Optimum pH for a Lipase is: around 8.0

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