Louis Armstrong

"I want to give back some of the goodness I received"

 Louis Armstrong was born August 4,1901 in New Orleans,Louisiana. He made his first record with his group,Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five. Louis also had a role in a Broadway musical "Connie's Hot Chocolate". He had his first England tour in 1932.His optimistic actions and quotes inspired other African Americans.

   Louis was an active musician and was commonly seen using his trumpet. He was the first African American to make an autobiography. Louis wasn't just famous in the US, he traveled all over the world in the 50's and 60's. When the era of swing came he was still popular with his jazz music in 1963. Louis recorded his well known 'What a Wonderful World' in 1967. But his long life of goodness ended when he died in his sleep due to a heart attack in New York.  

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