Space: Astronauts or Civilians

By: Katie Pierce

Normal, ordinary civilians in space? What do you think? I personally think civilians should not be allowed to travel to space. Ordinary civilians don't have the proper training and astronauts would be more productive. Also, I must mention, it's extremely expensive. Finally, I would like to add that traveling to space would be the most dangerous, most risky thing you will ever do.

Not only is traveling to space extremely dangerous, there are too many risks to take. Once you are up there, no one knows what might happen. You're thousands and thousands of feet up in the air, in a different dimension! A dimension that has no gravity or oxygen. Once you are in space and you are starving because you do not know how to properly eat floating food, you're heart make ache for home.

Are you really willing to spend over $30,000 to travel to space to be twenty-five feet away from the ten million degree, fiery sun? Space travel is so expensive and is it really worth it? You probably won't be in space for more than a day or two, flash photography may or may not be allowed, and it's not like you have any proper training either. So, be careful when planning your next family vacation. I don't believe it should be to space.

Your muscles will ache and your head will hurt. Yes, traveling to space would  be exciting, however, I think we should leave the professionals to this. Civilians don't know how to use the proper space gear and technology and aren't prepared to risk their life because they don't know what to expect from space. In a spaceship, there are so many buttons, gears, and controls. How would a civilian with no training know how to control all these functions? As heart racing as this once-in-a-lifetime experience may be, let astronauts use that spaceship to find something productive and useful.

Are you convinced? The trip has too many risks, not to mention civilians do not have proper training! I think civilians should sit this one out. Next time you consider going to space, ask yourself this: Am I willing to risk my life for this?

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