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The first step is to create two different versions of your fb exciter review – perhaps headlines, changes to the order form or text versus video – the variations are endless. You might even try two totally different sales letters to see which works best. The next step is installing testing software onto your sales page, the variation and the conversion page (ie. The page they go to after buying).

Google website optimizer (GWO) is a free split testing tool you can use. As traffic lands on your site, the split testing tool will alternate the traffic between page1 and page2. When someone buys your product they go to page3 and a tracking script on this page confirms the conversion. A lot of people don’t like letting Google in on their business so there are alternatives you can pay for. One I recommend (and is better than GWO) is Visual Website Optimizer. It comes with a 30 day free trial and lets you test a lot more than GWO.

Finally (and I’m not sure who said this original ly)
“Test screams not whispers” Test big changes to your fb exciter review that make big increase in your profits – not little changes than make little increases to your profits!

What about a picture of me? The answer to virtually ever question comes back to testing but there’s a good chance a picture of you will help increase your sales. Why? Because people buy from people and like to know there is real person human on the other side. If you included a story in your sales letter REMEMBER your story helped them decide to buy and a picture of you can make that much more vivid. I also believe that it helps build a relationship between you and your buyer. This is important if you want to follow up and sell other products to them in the future. Instead of name they can’t remember, there is a face to that name.
My product isn’t selling so I’m going to lower my price The price of your product is part of your offer and something you should test. There is no guarantee that lower price equals more sales. I know I never buy cheap running shoes because I associate price with quality and the health of my feet, legs, hips and back are all important to me. If two brands were presented to me I’d probably go for the most expensive brand (wrongly) assuming they were better. Price is something you should test BUT if sales are slack reducing your prices is the lazy thing to do and cuts into your profits. First you should improve your sales copy – perhaps you’re not presenting your product in the most favourable light and demonstrating how good a product it really is. Second you should improve your offer – try adding new bonus material to improve the value of your offer and help justify the price. Only then – if improving your copy and your offer fail – should you reduce the price.
How do I get proof and testimonials? As always don’t let a lack of testimonials or social proof slow you down and stop you getting your product online and selling. Unless your sales letter is

totally unbelievable not having these elements may simply reduce your conversions – it doesn’t reduce them to zero! There are two easy ways to get testimonials, social proof and feedback from your product.
The first is to find a group of individuals to review your product. This might be people you know personally, you could email your list or approach individuals on forums. It’s as easy as asking the question “Would you mind reviewing my product and offering me honest feedback?” In most instances people are nice and more than happy to get a product for free so they can review it. It’ really is as easy as asking.
The second is to ask the buyers of your fb exciter review for feedback – good and bad – so you can use the good stuff as a testimonial which is great for improving your sales letter and even increasing the price. If you’re worried about negative feedback then simply take it on the chin. The feedback from your buyers can be used to update and improve your product which you can send out to all your buyers (including the one’s with the negative feedback. It keeps your buyers happy raises your game. Where possible ask if people will supply a photo you can put alongside their testimonial (you can also mention their website URL which is good for them). This makes testimonials much more engaging and believable.

Step 1 Get your buy button up right away. As soon as your buy button is up you can (in theory) start taking orders. I’ve had sales letters up with no buy buttons in the past. They’re simply wasting my time and the opportunities from the people who found my webpage.
Step 2 Start and finish your sales letter in one sitting. Shut the door, turn off your phone and get your first draft up done right away.
Step 3 Read your first draft out loud and tidy up any clumsy sentences and lines – don’t perfect or rewrite it just yet – get your first sales letter up online. Speed is of the essence here! When you improve your sales letter this becomes your second copy to run tests against.
Step 4 Install Google Website Optimizer (and Google Analytics) to start getting data from traffic that lands on your site. You’ll be able to find out how many people visited, how long they spent reading your webpage and how many converted.
Step 5 Start to focus on driving traffic. As you drive traffic you’ll start to notice that not all traffic is created equal. Some sources converts into buyers better than other sources. This will affect your sales page conversions. This is also true of affiliates – some send high quality, pre-sold traffic while others send junk traffic that ruins statistics. The better the traffic, the better the sales conversion.
Step 6 Continue to drive traffic and improve your conversions by tweaking your sales page. Remember good enough is good enough – there will come a point where the time you spend improving yours sales page starts to make little difference and your time is better spent elsewhere.








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