How To Make A Budget

TiQueshia Blackwell

1. Food, Clothes, Shoes, Phone Accessories, Hair & Nails.

2. Food: Between $20-30. Clothes: $20-60. Shoes: $100-350 (my parents buy these). Phone Accessories: $15-30. Hair & Nails: $25-60.

3. I earn an allowance every week. It varies each week how much I get. But normally I get $80-$100. I get this by doing my chores at home and doing good in school. Sometimes I get more than that, depending on my grades and the chores I do at home.

4. I think it is good to have extra cash for rainy days or hard times because anything could happen and you would need some money to cover it or pay for it.

5. Monitoring your spending is actually a good thing because you could be spending more money than you really make and putting yourself in debt. For example, if I make $400 every 2 weeks and I spend $550, im going over $150 so im already spending more than I actually make. Also when it gets time for me to pay bills or something, the money isn't going to be there because I was spending more and more of it every other week.

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