48 In 1

Might as well give a top 100, here are the rest.
(In alphabetical order)

ABBA - "Gold"

When: 1993ish

Why: Fun.I love fun pop music and even though they were before my time, I grew to love Abba with the help of my mother. I probably would have hated them if I was around back then.

Against Me! - "Searching For A Former Clarity"

When: 2005

Why: I loved the raw emotion and simplicity of this record. I had heard of them before this album but wasn't 100% sold on them until I heard this.  This was a coming of age album for them.

Alkaine Trio - "From Here To Infirmary"

When: 2001

Why: Just like Against Me!, I wasnt a fan of earlier AK3 until I heard this record. Its a pop-punk masterpiece, and "Take lots with alcohol" might be my favorite punk drum beat of all time.

Al Green - "I'm Still In Love With You"

When: 1993

Why: Menace II Society.  First heard this song in that scene in the car. It fit so perfectly. I had to hear more. My mother went out and bought me this CD.  Its my favorite relaxing album.

At the Drive-In - "Relationship of Command"

When: 1999

Why: A picture in a supplement in a Spin magazine introduced me to ATDI.  This record came out shortly after. Its a record that is so good it makes you mad listening to it.

The Avalanches - "Since I Left You"

When: 2000

Why: One of the best instrumental albums I have ever heard.

Battles - "Mirrored"

When: 2007

Why: A band featuring of one of my all time favorite drummers, John Stainer. This record is a reminder of making music and having the best time in Denver.

Belle and Sebastian - "The Life Pursuit"

When: 2006

Why: Im not a huge indie-pop guy, but this record is indie-pop perfection. I never got too into B&S, but I absolutely love this record.

Ben Folds Five - "s/t"

When: 1995

Why: Reminds me of drawing near to the end of my time in high school. Branching out life to Camp and the new friends I would meet in those years. Plus, they had no guitar player!

Blur - "The Great escape"

When: 1995

Why: Im a Damon Albarn fan.  This is my favorite Blur record, and at the time everyone was into Oasis, and I HATE OASIS.

Brothers Keeper - "Ladder"

When: 1995
Why: One of the first Hardcore bands I got into that broke the mold of what I thought "hardcore" music was. Hardcore fans either loved them or hated them. I thought they were great.

The Cars - "Heartbeat City"

When: Mid 80s

Why: I love 80s pop music. The Cars are the epitome of great 80s pop music. So many great songs on this record.

Cloud Cult - "Feel Good Ghosts"

When: 2009

Why: Just moved back from Denver, and was pretty bummed about life and this record came across my path and changed my outlook in life.  Probably one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard......

Deadguy - "Fixation on a Co-Worker"

When: 1995

Why: It was brutal, loud, in your face, heavy, violent and amazing. Why this band never blew up is beyond me.

Def Leppard - "Hysteria"

When: Late 80s

Why: Its a great pop rock record.  Catchy songs and riffs. RicK Allen with one arm. Classic band with a classic story. Great record.

The Fall Of Troy - "Manipulator"


Why: It was different, but familiar. Odd time signatures but still a brilliant flow and great lyrics.  Oh, the Casino. This record reminds me of the move to Denver.

Fifteen - "Surprise"

When: 1996

Why: A great punk rock record.  No specific reason why I love this one, its just great.

The Gamits - "Antidote"

When: 2008

Why: I was very late to the Gamits party. They came and went before I had even heard of them, but when I moved to Denver, I found out who they were and heard this record. Its a perfect pop-punk record, and now they're my friends.

Ghostface Killah - "Ironman"

When: 1996

Why: Reminds me of my senior year in High School. This CD was on almost every time me and my friends got together. This record could easily have swapped places with the GZA on my 52 list.

GlassJaw - "Worship and Tribute"

When: 2002

Why: The end of rap metal couldnt come fast enough, and right at the end, this record came out and erased everything about it to me. This record and Poison The Well's "Tear From the Red" saved heavy music in my opinion.

Gorillaz - "Demon Days"

When: 2006

Why: I wasnt a huge of Gorillaz until I saw the live performance with the full band and was blown away. It sold me on this band, and on this record specifically.

Grade - "Under The Radar"

When: 1999

Why: Thanks Napster! Found this band randomly, and loved them immediately. This record came out shortly after hearing them for the first time. Flawless rock record in my opinion.

Home Grown - "Act Your Age"

When: 1998

Why: Pop-Ska-Punk.  Its a fun, mindless album. Silly songs, and punk beats. A great combination. Whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Iron Butterfly - "In-a-gadda-da-vita"

When: 1994ish

Why: Started playing drums and my Dad played me this song because of the drum solo. Its not the best solo of all time, but its iconic. This is a song you can fall asleep to, then wake up and its still on.

The Jacksons - "Can you feel it"

When: Early 80s

Why: When Michael starts to sing still gives me goosebumps to this day. So much power in his voice.

Keane - "Under The Iron Sea"

When: 2006

Why: I dont know why Keane stuck out to me among a bunch of crappy pop rock bands that were released in this time, but Im glad they did because this album is great.

Lagwagon - "Duh"

When: 1993

Why: Just catching my punk rock stride started with Lagwagon. One of the first West Coast skate punk bands that I loved.

Led Zeppelin - II

When: early 80s

Why: This was my mothers favorite Zeppelin album. I love Led Zeppelin, but they were before my time so the effect isnt the same, but my mom loved this album, and I have the one she owned, so its that much more special.

Lifetime - "Jerseys Best Dancers"

When: 1998

Why:  In the middle of all the hardcore, there was Lifetime. Hardcore beats and riffs, but melodic vocals. Its just a solid, fun record.

LL Cool J - "Bigger and Deffer"

When: Late 80s

Why: One of the first hip-hop songs I ever heard. Still love it to this day.

Metallica - "...And Justice For All"

When: 1992

Why: MTV, music videos, Rob Wagner's TShirts, The drum beats, the solos, Columbia House CDs.  This album brings alot of memories back, but mostly it reminds me how much I love heavy music.

Motley Crue - "Dr. Feelgood"

When: Early 90s

Why: The only hair metal that I really liked. This record rips. The fact that these guys are still alive is a miracle.

Muse - "Absolution"

When: 2005

Why: Live show. For a 3 piece, they put on one hell of a live show. This is my favorite record that they have.

Mystikal - "Unpredictable"

When: 1997

Why: My freshman year at Akron. Every No Limit record was our soundtrack. A bunch of idiots acting idiotically. Great time!

Naughty By Nature - "s/t"

When: early 90s

Why: My friend Mike and I played this record non-stop for an entire summer.  One of the biggest hip-hop songs of all time on this record. This record stands for all that 90s hip hop that we loved.

Nofx - "Punk in Drublic"

When: 1993

Why: Classic punk rock record. This could be switched with the 2 Nofx records  before this too.  Snobby punk rock. Love it.

No Use For A Name - "Making Friends"

When: 1997

Why: Another great punk band from California, and probably the best punk songwriter Ive ever heard.  

Radiohead - "The Bends"

When: 1995

Why: A brilliant record. Not a bad song on it. The only Radiohead album I ever really got into completely.

Roy Orbison - "Crying"

When: Early 80s

Why: Roy Orbison had the best singing voice I have ever heard. Period.

Small Leaks Sink Ships - "Until The World Is Happy"

When: 2008

Why: The first band I found on Spotify, and just a solid rock album. Great themes and great songs.

Saves The Day - "Through Being Cool"

When: 1999

Why: A perfect pop punk/emo record.Every song is solid and locks in a certain time of music in my life.

Smashing Pumpkins - "Siamese Dream"

When: 1993

Why: Simple times. My friend Lauren and I watching taped episodes of 120 minutes. Getting ready for high school.

Snoop Doggy Dogg - "Doggystyle"

When: 1992

Why: The year Gangster Rap went mainstream. This album, along with "The Chronic" paved the way for Gangster Rap to get to the masses.

Sugar Ray - "Lemonade and Brownies"

When: 1995

Why: Before they got huge, they released this record. It was awesome, fast, hilarious and just overall good. My dad bought this for me on a family vacation in DC. I heard "10 Seconds Down" on a compilation and loved it so I got this CD. Now, theyre my guilty pleasure..but I Ihave no shame saying that Im a Sugar Ray fan.

Superman The Movie Soundtrack

When: 80s

Why: I love soundtracks. I love movies.  But, this theme song is still the only one that can give me goosebumps. John Williams is a genius.

Sunny Day Real Estate - "s/t"

When: 1995

Why: Just a great rock album. Known as one of the first "emo" bands for a reason, this record pulls emotion out of you. Cant help but sing along.

The Walkmen - "Bows and Arrows"

When: 2007

Why: I was also late to the Walkmen party, and when my buddy Scott introduced me to them with "The Rat", I was in.  Im more of a fan of their album "You and Me" but this album is a great indie record. "The Rat" is in my top 10 songs of all time.

Wax - 13 Unlucky Numbers

When: 1994

Why: Reminds me of a time when I had my entire life ahead of me. A fresh faced kid in High School, meeting new friends and having a great time. This album was a staple to me and my friend Nate.