Christmas Persuasive Essay

Grace Scheidler

What kind of Christmas gift can help a person run faster, jump higher, and play longer on the volleyball court? Easy answer: the Asics Women's GEL-Rocket 5 shoes. With comfortable insoles, stylish colors, and gel soles that stick to the court and provide maximum running and jumping ability, these shoes are the perfect gift for a volleyball player this Christmas.

Now, writing a letter to Santa may be a way to get Christmas gifts, but everyone knows Santa gets a bit of financial help from the parents, who appreciate a Christmas gift that doesn't break the bank. These Asics volleyball shoes are just that: affordable and well-performing. Depending on the retailer, these shoes can range anywhere from $49-$54.99 but don't go for much more than that. Both on Amazon, Zappos, and Dick's Sporting Goods, the reviews are raving. Some say that this is the only shoe they've ever worn and don't plan on changing. Others remark on their longevity despite months spent running across a court during weekly practices and tournaments. Still others say entire teams purchase these shoes in their team colors, as the shoe is available not only in black, but red, blue, white, pink, green, and silver. Versatile!

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